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新人教版新教材高中英语必修第三册 Unit2 Reading for Writing课件PPT
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人教版 (2019)必修 第三册Unit 2 Morals and Virtues课文课件ppt

这是一份人教版 (2019)必修 第三册Unit 2 Morals and Virtues课文课件ppt,共33页。PPT课件主要包含了fable 寓言,sad ,upset,概要写作等内容,欢迎下载使用。

T read the fable and get the detailed infrmatinT write a review f the fable
It’s a kind f traditinal shrt stry.It teaches a mral lessn.It’s usually a stry with animals as characters.These stries are always cnsidered as a grup.Fr example, Aesp’s Fables.
What is this kind f writing called?
D yu knw these famus fables?
Read the fable belw and answer the questins.
1 What was the king’s idea fr teaching an imprtant lessn t his peple?2 What was the respnse frm mst f the peple?
He put a huge stne in the middle f a rad, and watched t see if anyne wuld mve it.
Many f the peple just gt upset that the stne was in their way.
3 What did the yung girl think and d when she saw the cins?
She thught that the mney belnged t smene else and that it shuld be returned.
This stry presented different peple’s emtins and respnses when they came acrss the same prblem. Cmplete the table accrding t the stry.
tripped ver the stne
limped away in tears
wanted t find the wner f the gld
tired, surprised
succeeded in mving the stne t the side f the street
nbdy made an attempt t mve the stne
cmplain abut the stne
Discuss the questins.
1 What d yu think this fable is trying t tell us? D yu think the king was wise? Why r why nt?
The mral f the stry is that we shuld all take respnsibility fr ur cmmunity. I dn’t think that the king was very wise, hwever, because n ne learnt anything frm his experiment.
The milkman, the wman with her water pt, and the ther villagers cntinued n their travels withut having changed their attitudes at all. The king did find ne respnsible yung girl, but she was already a respnsible persn befre she encuntered the stne in the rad.
2 Can yu think f times in yur wn life when yu felt and acted like the girl r like the ther peple in the stry? Give examples.
There have been times when I have acted respnsibly like the girl in the stry. Fr example, I recently saw sme children playing n a dangerus balcny, and s I warned them it was dangerus and had them g smewhere else t play. Hwever,ften I'm mre like the milkman in the stry because I'm very busy with my wn wrk and wrries.
1. …the king disguised himself… disguise: t change smene's appearance s that peple cannt recgnize them vt. 装扮,假扮 eg She?disguised herself as a man s she culd fight n the battlefield. 她女扮男装,这样就可以上战场了。 n. 伪装;化妆用具 eg His disguise didn't fl anyne. 他的伪装没能骗过任何人。
2. …spilling the milk everywhere. spill: if yu spill a liquid, r if it spills, it accidentally flws ver the edge f a cntainer vt. & vi. (spilt/spilled, spilt/spilled)(使)溢出;(使)泼洒 eg Katie almst spilled her milk. Katie差点儿把牛奶弄洒。 spill sth dwn / n / ver sth eg Oh n! I've spilt cffee all dwn my shirt! 糟糕,我把咖啡洒得满衬衫都是!
3. One wman tripped ver the stne … trip ver: t hit smething with yur ft by accident s that yu fall r almst fall 被。绊倒 eg She tripped (ver the cat) and fell. 她(让猫)绊了一跤.
4. She picked herself up and limped away in tears. limp: t walk slwly and with difficulty because ne leg is hurt r injured vi. 跛行,一瘸一拐地走 eg Mren limped ff the field with a ft injury. Mren脚受了伤,一瘸一拐地走下了球场。
tear: a drp f salty liquid that cmes ut f yur eye when yu are crying n. 眼泪,泪水in tears 流着泪;含着泪eg The children were all?in tears. 孩子们全都哭了。
5. “… t keep their neighburs frm harm?” harm: damage, injury, r truble caused by smene's actins r by an event n. 危害,害处 常用搭配:? d sb. harm? 对某人有害 d harm t ...? 对。有害 mean n harm 没有恶意 eg Smking will d harm t yur health. 吸烟对你的健康有害。
vt. (使)受到损害,伤害eg It will harm n ne at all. 它不会伤害到任何人。【语境应用】根据括号内的汉语提示补全下面句子(每空一词,含缩略词)。1) It wuldn’t ________ ________ ________ ________ (对他有任何害处) t wrk harder.2) Cme in please. Our dg ________ ________ ________ (不会伤害你).
d him any harm?
wn’t harm yu
6. The king was in despair. in despair: a feeling that yu have n hpe at all 绝望 eg A persn is mst disappinted when he is in despair. 一个人在绝望时最失望。 despair: t feel that there is n hpe at all vi. 绝望,感到无望 eg Despite his illness, Rn never despaired. 尽管疾病缠身,罗恩却从不绝望。
7. After a great deal f effrt,… a great deal (f) : a gd deal?a large quantity f smething 大量的 a great deal f + n. [U] 大量的。 a great deal 大量,非常(可以单独使用,也可以修饰形容词,副词的比较级) eg It tk a great deal f time and effrt. 那需要花费大量时间和精力。 She has a great deal t d tday. 她今天有很多事情要做。
表示“许多”的词(组)修饰可数名词:many, many a, several, a cuple f, (a) few, a great/gd many, a great/gd/large number f修饰不可数名词:much, (a) little, a large amunt f, amunts f既可以修饰可数名词又可以修饰不可数名词:a lt f, lts f, a quantity f, quantities f (谓语用复数), plenty f
Write a review
The main purpse f a review is t give yur pinin abut a piece f writing. Yu shuld first give a shrt descriptin f the writing, and then clearly state yur pinin and yur reasns.
Write a review f the fable. Use the utline belw t help yu.
“The Stne in the Rad” is an ld fable abut a king wh thinks his peple are lazy, s he puts a large stne in the middle f the rad and hides and waits t see if anyne will try t mve it.The authr use this stry t impress upn readers the need t take persnal respnsibility fr prblems in the cmmunity. The stry was quite successful in achieving its purpse, and I liked it because it had a clear mral. Hwever, while the mral f the stry is clear, the actins f the king seemed pintless t me, because nne f the characters in the stry learnt anything. Fr this reasn, I think there are better stries that can be used t impress upn peple the need fr persnal respnsibility.
Exchange drafts. Use the checklist t give feedback n yur partner's draft.
Des the writer give a shrt descriptin f the stry?Des the descriptin include the mst imprtant details f the stry?Des the writer give his/her pinin abut the characters r their actins?Is the review well-rganised?Des the writer use the -ing frm as the adverbial in the review?Are there any grammar, spelling, r punctuatin errrs?
阅读下面短文,根据其内容写一篇60词左右的内容概要。 Think abut the last time yu visited a supermarket. Did yu see any shrt, fat carrts? Were all the bananas in the bunch different sizes? And were there any strange lumps (凸起) n the ptates? If yu answered?“n”?t these questins, there's a reasn why. Supermarkets in many parts f the wrld set very high standards fr the appearance f their fruits and vegetables. Many supermarket wrkers believe that custmers want everything t lk perfect. S many supermarkets generally reject fruits and vegetables that dn't meet their standards fr appearance. Is it t big, t small, slightly ff clr, an unusual shape? The future f such?“ugly fd”?is grim (不容乐观).
They ften g rtten (腐烂的) in the fields r g int the rubbish bin, and frm there, int landfills. In the?United Kingdm?alne, between 20 and 40 percent f fruits and vegetables are rejected befre they even reach the stres. It's shcking, but there are slutins t the prblems f fd waste. Authr and activist Tristram Stuart rganizes events arund the wrld called?Feeding the 5000. At these events, peple use fd that wuld have therwise gne t waste t prepare free, delicius meals fr 5,?000 peple. Vlunteers make gd meals frm fruits and vegetables that may nt be pretty, but are still fresh. In many cities, there are als?Disc Sup?parties. At these events, vlunteers prepare meals frm unwanted prduce while they dance t music played by a DJ. These events are a lt f fun, and they make peple think twice abut thrwing fd away!
Sme supermarkets are als trying t get peple t think differently. The French supermarket chain Intermarché ffers ugly fd in its stres. The fruits and vegetables lk strange, but they're eatable. They're als less expensive than mre attractive prduce. Custmers lve the idea. S yu can start by eating what's n yur dish. And dn't be afraid t try ugly r unusual fd. Yu can even rganize an ugly fruit and vegetable event fr yur friends and family! By telling peple abut the prblem, yu're wrking tward the slutin.
In many parts f the wrld, lts f fruits and vegetables are rejected by supermarkets because f their?“?ugly?”?lks. (要点1) As a result, they always g t waste. (要点2) Sme vlunteers and supermarkets manage t make use f such?“ugly”?fd t help reduce fd waste. (要点3) Yu can als help by accepting?“ugly”?fruits and vegetables yurself and getting thers t cnsider the prblem. (要点4)
Get yur draft back and revise it. Then put yur review up in the classrm.

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