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高考英语课后达标检测:The Renaissance Word版解析版
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高考英语课后达标检测:The Renaissance Word版解析版

这是一份高考英语课后达标检测:The Renaissance Word版解析版,共6页。

Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
This mdern art gallery in a Victrian huse was funded in the 1950s by Jim Ede and repened in February, fllwing a tw-year redevelpment by Jamie Fbert Architects. This means a new cafe, a fur-flr educatin wing and imprved gallery space that can accmmdate mre visitrs. The gallery’s permanent cllectin includes wrks f Jan Miró, Henry Mre and Barbara Hepwrth.
Being Brunel, Bristl
T celebrate the life and wrk f famus civil engineer Isambard Kingdm Brunel, Being Brunel pened in March n Bristl’s harburside. The museum included a range f interactive and entertaining exhibits, including talking prtraits f his friends and family and persnal pssessins, including an 1821 schl reprt. It is a gd place fr families t strengthen cnnectins.
Ryal Academy f Arts, Lndn
The RA repened n 19 May fr its 250th anniversary, fllwing a renvatin(翻新) with a gallery and expanded exhibitin prgramme. These will include three galleries, which will hst exhibitins with a fcus n cntemprary art and architecture. The grand facade(正面) f the Burlingtn Gardens building has als been restred—pssibly the first time it’s had a prper clean in its 150-year histry.
V&A, Dundee
One f the mst significant new penings f the year will be Sctland’s first designed museum—and als the first V&A anywhere utside f Lndn—n 15 September. The museum building sits n the River Tay. It will celebrate Scttish designs and bjects in its cllectin.
【解题导语】 本文介绍了四个艺术画廊(博物馆)的特点,展出的内容等。
1.What d we knw abut Being Brunel?
A.It has a lng schl reprt.
B.It includes three galleries.
C.It is family-friendly.
D.It pssesses permanent cllectins.
C 解析:细节理解题。根据Being Brunel, Bristl中最后一句“It is a gd place fr families t strengthen cnnectins.”可知,Being Brunel是一个家庭友好型博物馆。故选C。
2.The purpse f the RA repening is________.
A.t expand the exhibitin
B.t mark its 250th anniversary
C.t display cntemprary art
D.t present its 150-year histry
B 解析:细节理解题。根据Ryal Academy f Arts, Lndn部分中的“The RA repened n 19 May fr its 250th anniversary, fllwing a renvatin(翻新) with a gallery and expanded exhibitin prgramme.”可知,RA重新开放的目的是纪念其成立250周年。故选B。
3.What is the purpse f the passage?
A.T attract mre visitrs t the UK.
B.T cmpare different turist attractins.
C.T describe sme famus museums and artists.
D.T intrduce penings f sme famus art galleries and museums.
D 解析:主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章介绍了一些著名的艺术博物馆和画廊的开幕。故选D。
(2020·山西八校第一次联考)At a farm ff Narrw Lane near Lexingtn, Kentucky, U.S., ld-fashined huses lk ver the little red barn(畜舍).The farm is mstly empty nw.Jim Mahan and his family, wh lived there fr generatins, have mved t a different plt f land in nrthern Fayette Cunty.As land is sld, huses g up where there nce were fields.
But during the summer, the barn is filled with city kids wh have cme t enjy the farm. They’re members f the Fayette Cunty Livestck(FCL) Club, which shwcases skills as varied as cutting wl. The barn is where they lk after the animals. “A lt f Lexingtn kids dn’t knw anything abut farm life,” said Adria Meier, 17, wh has lked after gats and sheep fr three years. “There is s much t learn.”
The dzen r s children wh take care f their gats and sheep at the little red barn must d a six-hur class befre they get an animal. They pay fr their wn animals but get special club prgrams, such as ne that prvides vet(兽医) care.
Mahan lets the grup use the barn fr free, and the kids spend up t three hurs a day there during the summer.But as his land gets sld, he desn’t knw whether the club can cntinue. What makes the FCL Club special is that mst f the kids can’t just walk ut their drs and take care f their animals. Mst are driven t the barn by their mthers, wh usually hang arund and chat as their kids feed and exercise the animals.
There are valuable lessns learned alng the way. Fr instance, dn’t cut wl ff yur gat when there is wind, and sheep are scial animals and will cry ludly when separated. “Tending t animals helps teach us respnsibility. Unlike learning t sht an arrw, caring fr an animal isn’t smething yu can simply abandn,” said Carly Playfrth, 16, f Lexingtn.
【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文, 主要讲述了一群城里的孩子来到乡间农场体验不同的生活,照顾农场动物的故事。
4.What is the requirement fr kids befre they get animals?
A.Attend a class.
B.Pay certain mney.
C.Have varied skills.
D.Get special club prgrams.
A 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段中的“must d a six-hur class befre they get an animal”可知,得到动物之前,孩子们必须上一节六小时的课程,这个课程可能是培训孩子们如何照顾动物的。
5.What d we knw abut the club?
A.It ffers services uncnditinally.
B.It pays fr their use f the barn.
C.It lets Mthers care fr animals.
D.It allws Mthers t push kids.
D 解析:推理判断题。根据第四段中的“Mst are driven t the barn by their mthers”可推知,该俱乐部让孩子的妈妈督促孩子参与农场活动,故选D项。
6.Hw des Carly Playfrth feel abut the experience?
A.Suspicius. B.Mved.
C.Appreciative. D.Oppsed.
C 解析:观点态度题。最后一段首句是段落主旨句,作者引用Carly Playfrth的话是为了进一步说明因照顾动物而教会孩子们的珍贵东西,比如责任。由此可知, Carly Playfrth对这种经历是赞赏的(appreciative)。
7.What is the passage mainly abut?
A.Kids’ life n a sld farm.
B.Valuable lessns learned n the farm.
C.A special club intended fr Lexingtn kids.
D.A club activity f caring fr farm animals.
D 解析:主旨大意题。根据文章内容可知,本文重点介绍的是FCL俱乐部借助一个农场举办的活动——让孩子们亲自照顾动物,在这一过程中,孩子们获益匪浅。故D项概括最为全面。
(2020·陕西部分学校摸底检测) Learning t set gals plays an imprtant rle as yur child starts t gain independence. Hwever, setting gals desn’t cme naturally t yur child, s helping him t learn the prcess shuld prbably be ne f yur gals.
Explain the wrd “gal”. Yur child may knw what a gal is when it cmes t sccer, but he may nt understand what it means in everyday life. 1.________
Listen t yur child. Ideally, yu want yur child t be able t decide fr himself what his gals are. 2.________ Let him talk abut what he thinks he des well and what he thinks he needs t imprve. If he’s stuck, yu can prvide sme examples f yur wn persnal gals.
Help keep gals achievable. Dn’t thrw cld water n yur child. 3.________ Fr example, if yur child wants t be a champin swimmer, but can’t swim an entire lap f the pl yet, yu can suggest he start by making that his first gal.
4.________ Help yur child write dwn his gals in an easy-t-fllw frm. Being able t see and check ff the steps n the way t his gal is key in keeping him mtivated. A really simple way is t have yur child draw a ladder n a piece f paper, writing his gal at the tp and each step t that gal n the rungs(梯级). 5.________
A.Change gals every s ften.
B.Make a visual gal reminder.
C.Dn’t always tell him what yu think.
D.He’s climbing t the tp as he gets clser t his gal.
E.Yu can take sprts as an example t help explain it t him.
F.Once he has set up a gal, he may find it very difficult t achieve it.
G.When a gal is beynd his reach, help him break it dwn int smaller pieces.
【解题导语】 学会制定目标在孩子获得独立上起着重要的作用,本文给出了一些帮助孩子设定目标的建议。
1.E 解析:根据本段标题和空前的“Yur child may knw what a gal is when it cmes t sccer”可知,在孩子不知道目标在日常生活中意味着什么时,可以通过运动的例子来解释什么是目标。故选E。
2.C 解析:根据本段标题和空前一句“Ideally, yu want yur child t be able t decide fr himself what his gals are.”可知,要倾听孩子,让孩子决定他自己的目标是什么。故C项“不要总是告诉他你的想法”符合语境。
3.G 解析:根据下文的例子“if yur child wants t be a champin swimmer, but can’t swim an entire lap f the pl yet, yu can suggest he start by making that his first gal”可知,当孩子的目标实现不了的时候,可以帮助他把目标分解成一些更小的目标来完成。故选G。
4.B 解析:根据空处所在位置及文章结构可知,空处为段落小标题,再结合本段的内容可知,本段主要讲建立一个能够看得到的目标提醒物。故B项符合语境。
5.D 解析:根据空前一句“A really simple way is t have yur child draw a ladder n a piece f paper, writing his gal at the tp and each step t that gal n the rungs(梯级).”可知,当孩子爬到了顶点,也就接近了目标,故选D。
(2020·重庆七校联考)Pllutin takes away all the beauty f the beaches f Hawaii. I hate t g t the beaches n 1.____________(sun) weekends and see rubbish bags lying n the sand, cigarette butts(烟头) 2.____________ (bury) in the sand, and sda cans flating in the cean.
One thing that really annys me is that I see 3.____________(tur)wh visit Hawaii leave their rubbish n the beaches. I was always taught after drinking sda t thrw the can int the place 4.____________ it shuld stay—the trash can. Anther thing that annys me is that sme peple walk right by rubbish 5.____________ pretend that it’s nt there.
The dgs r the fish are nt blame 6.____________ it. It’s ur fault and we must blame 7.____________ (we).Everyne has t d his r her part 8.____________(slve) this prblem. It can’t be difficult t d the jb. There are a lt f things that we can d. First f all, we can help pick up rubbish alng the beaches. We culd als frm rganizatins that help clean up ur beaches. Mre 9.____________ (imprtant), we need t start nw befre the beaches 10.____________(damage) beynd repair.
【解题导语】 本文主要讨论了海滩污染的问题。
1.sunny 解析:考查词形转换。修饰名词一般用形容词,故用形容词sunny修饰其后的名词weekends。
2.buried 解析:考查非谓语动词。分析句子结构可知,bury和其逻辑主语cigarette butts 构成动宾关系,故用其过去分词形式作宾语补足语。
3.turists 解析:考查词形转换。结合定语从句的关系词wh可知,此处的先行词为表示人的名词,且定语从句中的谓语动词为复数,故用名词复数形式。
4.where 解析:考查定语从句。分析句子结构可知,空处引导定语从句,在从句中作地点状语,修饰先行词the place,故填where。
5.but 解析:考查连词。根据语境可知,空处前后存在逻辑上的转折关系,故用连词but。
6.fr 解析:考查介词。此处考查固定词组be t blame fr sth.“对某事负有责任”,故用介词fr。
7.urselves 解析:考查代词。与句子主语we呼应,此处应用反身代词urselves作动词blame的宾语。
8.t slve 解析:考查非谓语动词。分析句子结构可知,此处应用动词不定式,表目的。
9.imprtantly 解析:考查副词。副词一般修饰形容词,副词,动词,甚至整个句子,在句子中作状语。故用副词imprtantly,修饰整个句子。
10.are damaged 解析:考查动词的时态和语态。分析句子结构可知,damage和主语the beaches之间是被动关系,根据该句中的“need”可知,此处叙述一般的情况,故用一般现在时的被动语态。

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