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高考英语课后达标检测:Literature Word版解析版
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高考英语课后达标检测:Literature Word版解析版

这是一份高考英语课后达标检测:Literature Word版解析版,共7页。

(2020·成都第二次诊断)Authr Walter Dean Myers died at the age f 76 after a brief illness. Walter Dean Myers was the authr f mre than 100 bks fr children and yung adults and received many tp awards.
The prlific authr was lved fr his vivid descriptin f the lives f African American children, and fr writing bks fr yung peple that cvered different subjects. “Myers has written abut all thse subjects with deep understanding and a hard-wn, qualified sense f hpe,” said Lenard S. Marcus in 2008.
He was brn in 1937 and was adpted by Flrence Dean and Herbert after his mther died while giving birth t his yunger sister. They lved him very much and his mther read t him frm a very yung age. Reading pushed him t discver wrlds beynd his landscape.
He began writing at an early age. He wrte well in high schl and an English teacher recgnized this and advised him t keep n writing n matter what happened t him. “It’s what yu d,” she said.
He drpped ut f high schl at 17 and jined the army. After finishing his service, he entered a dark perid in his life. Myers began writing at night t pull himself thrugh that miserable time.
In an essay published in The New Yrk Times earlier this year, Myers described hw a shrt stry by James Arthur Baldwin helped change the curse f his life. “I didn’t lve the stry, but I was lifted by it,” he wrte, “fr it tk place in Harlem, and it was a stry cncerned with black peple like thse I knew. By humanizing the peple wh were like me, Baldwin’s stry als humanized me. The stry gave me a permissin that I didn’t knw I needed, the permissin t write abut my wn landscape, my wn map.”
“I write bks fr the trubled by I nce was,” he wrte, “and fr the by wh lives within me still.”
【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文,主要介绍了美国著名作家Walter Dean Myers的生平。
1.What des the secnd paragraph mainly talk abut?
A.Hw ppular Myers was.
B.Hw Myers became successful.
C.What makes Myers’ wrks ppular.
D.What peple think f Myers’ wrks.
C 解析:段落大意题。通读该段可知,该段首句“The prlific different subjects.”为该段主题句,结合该段其他内容可知,这位多产的作家因其对非裔美国儿童生活的生动描述,以及为年轻人写的涉及不同话题的书籍而深受喜爱。由此可知,该段主要介绍了他的作品受欢迎的原因,故C项正确。
2.Wh discvered Myers’ writing talent?
A.James Arthur Baldwin.
B.His mther.
C.Lenard S. Marcus.
D.One f his teachers.
D 解析:细节理解题。根据第四段第二句“He wrte well in high schl and an English teacher recgnized this and advised him t keep n writing n matter what happened t him.”可知,他在高中时写作就很好,一位英语老师认识到这一点并建议他无论发生什么事都要坚持写下去。据此可知,他的写作天赋是他的一位老师发现的,故D项正确。
3.What des the underlined wrd “prlific” in Paragraph 2 prbably mean?
A.Prductive. B.Unfrtunate.
C.Cnservative. D.Humrus.
A 解析:词义猜测题。根据第一段第二句“Walter Dean Myers was the authr f mre than 100 bks fr children and yung adults and received many tp awards.”可知,Walter Dean Myers 写了100多本儿童和年轻人读物,并获得了许多最高奖项。由此可推知,他是一位多产的作家。prductive意为“多产的”,故A项正确。B项意为“不幸的”,C项意为“守旧的”,D项意为“幽默的”,都与语境不符。
4.Why was the shrt stry by James Arthur Baldwin s imprtant fr Myers?
A.It helped him survive the dark perid.
B.It inspired him t pursue his writing career.
C.He learned many writing techniques frm it.
D.The authr f the stry permitted him t write.
B 解析:细节理解题。根据倒数第二段第一句中的“hw a shrt curse f his life”以及最后一句“The stry gave me a permissin that I didn’t knw I needed, the permissin t write abut my wn landscape, my wn map.”可知,Baldwin写的故事鼓励了Myers追求他自己的写作事业,故B项正确。
(2020·昆明诊断)Wh’re happier, men r wmen? Research shws it’s a cmplex questin and that asking whether males r females are happier isn’t really that helpful, because basically, happiness is different fr wmen and men.
Wmen’s happiness has been declining fr the past 30 years, accrding t recent statistics. And research shws that wmen are twice as likely t experience depressin cmpared with men. Gender(性别) differences in depressin are well cnfirmed and studies have fund that bilgical, psychlgical and scial factrs cntribute t the difference.
Early studies n gender and happiness fund men and wmen were scialized t express different feelings. Wmen are mre likely t express happiness, warmth and fear, which help with scial bnding and appear mre cnsistent with the traditinal rle as a primary caregiver, while men display mre anger, pride and disrespect, which are mre cnsistent with a prtectr and prvider rle.
Recent research suggests that these differences are nt just scially, but als genetically related. Studies have lked int these findings further and discvered that females use mre areas f the brain cntaining mirrr neurns(镜像神经元) than males when they prcess feelings. Mirrr neurns allw us t experience the wrld frm ther peple’s view, t understand their actins and intentins. This may explain why wmen can experience deeper sadness. Wmen tend t experience mre negative feelings, such as mre guilt, shame and t a lesser degree, embarrassment.
Psychlgically it seems men and wmen differ in the way they prcess and express feelings. With the exceptin f anger, wmen experience feelings mre strngly and share their feelings mre penly with thers. Studies have fund in particular that wmen express mre appreciatin—which has been linked t greater happiness. This supprts the thery that wmen’s happiness is mre dependent n relatinships than men’s.
【解题导语】 本文从社会,生理和心理三个方面介绍了男性和女性在幸福感上的差异。
5.Which feeling are men mre likely t shw cmpared with wmen?
A.Warmth. B.Depressin.
C.Happiness. D.Disrespect.
D 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段最后一句中的“while men display mre anger, pride and disrespect”可知,男性表现更多的是生气,骄傲和无礼,故选D。
6.What factrs cause wmen t share feelings mre penly?
A.Psychlgical factrs. B.Bilgical factrs.
C.Educatinal factrs. D.Scial factrs.
A 解析:细节理解题。根据最后一段的内容可知,本段从心理方面介绍了男性和女性在处理和表达感情方面的不同:与男性相比,女性更加公开地表露自己内心的情感。
7.One can prbably read the text frm________.
A.a science fictin B.a culture brchure
C.a nursery guide D.a health magazine
D 解析:文章出处题。根据本文内容可知,本文主要从社会,生理和心理三个方面分析了男性和女性在幸福感上的差异。由此可推知,本文有可能摘自一本健康杂志,故选D项。
8.What is the text mainly abut?
A.Men and wmen differ in bilgy and psychlgy.
B.Men and wmen experience happiness differently.
C.Scial rles have a great effect n men and wmen.
D.Wmen’s happiness has declined in the past years.
B 解析:主旨大意题。通读全文可知,本文从社会,生理和心理三个方面分析了男性和女性在幸福感上的差异,故B项最符合文意。
(2020·成都第二次诊断)Earlier that evening, my mther called, telling me that my brther died in a car crash. I stumbled(跌跌撞撞地走) arund the huse __1__ what t put int the suitcases. My husband, Larry, and I had been __2__ fr mving t New Mexic. The huse was in (a) ttal __3__.
I tried t hld my tears. I __4__picked things up and put them dwn. I culdn’t __5__. What I’d heard n the phne eched thrugh my head.
Larry phned a few friends. __6__, smene asked t speak t me. “If there is anything I can d, let me knw.” “Thank yu,” I replied. I didn’t knw what t __7__.
The drbell rang and I rse slwly fr the __8__. It was Dnna.
“I’ve cme t __9__ yur shes,” she said. __10__, I asked her t repeat. “When my father died, it tk me __11__ t get the shes cleaned and __12__ fr my father’s __13__,” she said. I hadn’t even thught abut shes.
Shes were gathered. Dnna __14__ herself n the flr and gt t wrk. The lve in the act __15__ my tears. Watching her __16__n ne task helped me pull my __17__ int rder. Laundry first, I tld myself. One by ne, the jbs fell int place.
Nw whenever I hear f an acquaintance’s __18__ f a lved ne, I think f ne __19__ task that suits that persn’s __20__. If the persn asks, “Hw did yu knw I needed that?” I’d reply, “Because smene did that.”
【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文,主要讲述了作者在失去亲人后心理状态很不好,由于受到了别人的帮助而恢复了正常之后,她也用同样的方式帮助失去亲人的熟人。
1.A.frgetting B.imagining
C.wndering D.searching
C 解析:根据空前的“I stumbled(跌跌撞撞地走)”和下文中的“I tried t hld my tears.”以及文章开头第一句话可推知,作者听到亲人去世的噩耗时,有些不知所措,虽然是在收拾行李,却不知道该把什么放进手提箱里。wnder “感到疑惑,想知道”。
2.A.hping B.packing
C.leaving D.planning
B 解析:根据本句中的“fr mving t New Mexic”可推知,作者为搬家到新墨西哥州而打包(packing)。
3.A.damage B.failure
C.despair D.mess
D 解析:根据上文可知,作者和丈夫一直在为搬家而收拾行李,由此可推知,当时作者的家里应该很杂乱(mess)。
4.A.aimlessly B.helplessly
C.quickly D.decisively
A 解析:根据上句“I tried t hld my tears.”和本句中的“picked things up and put them dwn”可推知,作者因为听到弟弟去世的噩耗而悲伤不已,乱了方寸。aimlessly “无目的地,无计划地”符合语境。
5.A.hurry B.decide
C.fcus D.mve
C 解析:根据语境可知,作者当时的心理状态非常不好,不能集中精力做事情。fcus “集中(注意力,精力于)”符合语境。
6.A.Cnstantly B.Luckily
C.Suddenly D.Happily
A 解析:根据上句“Larry phned a few friends.”可推知,作者的丈夫将作者失去弟弟的事情告诉了一些朋友,他们接着就不断地(Cnstantly)打电话说愿意提供帮助。
7.A.call fr B.ask fr
C.talk abut D.get acrss
B 解析:根据语境可知,作者当时并不知道需要朋友们提供什么样的帮助。call fr “呼吁”;ask fr “要求,请求”;talk abut “谈论”;get acrss “解释清楚”。
8.A.telephne B.nise
C.persn D.dr
D 解析:根据本句中的“The drbell rang”可知,作者站起来去开门(dr)。
9.A.brrw B.remve
C.clean D.repair
C 解析:根据下文中的“t get the shes cleaned”可推知,Dnna是来帮助作者清理(clean)鞋的。
10.A.Tuched B.Shcked
C.Cnfused D.Amused
C 解析:根据本句中的“I asked her t repeat”可推知,作者当时对Dnna说的来帮她清理鞋子感到困惑(Cnfused)。tuched “受感动的”;shcked “震惊的”;amused “逗乐的”。
11.A.minutes B.hurs
C.weeks D.decades
B 解析:根据本句中的“When my father died”和“t get the shes cleaned and ______ fr my father’s ______”可推知,Dnna是说她为了参加父亲的葬礼(funeral)花几个小时(hurs)去清理鞋子并把它们擦亮(shined)。
12.A.washed B.cped
C.selected D.shined
13.A.satisfactin B.funeral
C.smiles D.wishes
14.A.laid B.std
C.rested D.settled
D 解析:根据上句“Shes were gathered.”和语境可推知,当鞋被聚集到一起之后,Dnna坐在地板上开始清理鞋。
15.A.released B.held
C.stpped D.caused
A 解析:根据上文中的“I tried t hld my tears.”和语境可知,Dnna用行动所展示的关爱让作者感动得流泪。release “释放”。
16.A.keeping B.cncentrating
C.insisting D.depending
B 解析:根据上文“Dnna ______ herself n the flr and gt t wrk.”可知,当时Dnna在专心地清理鞋。keep n “继续,反复做”;cncentrate n “集中(注意力)于”;insist n “坚持”;depend n “依靠”。
17.A.thughts B.rms
C.sadness D.luggage
A 解析:根据上文可知,作者当时因为亲人的突然离世而乱了思绪,而看到Dnna专心地帮她清理鞋让她的思绪(thughts)恢复到了有序状态。
18.A.feeling B.meeting
C.lss D.stry
C 解析:由上文提到作者的弟弟突然离世可知,此处表示每当“我”听说熟人的亲人去世(lss)。
19.A.specific B.nrmal
C.strange D.perfect
A 解析:根据上文中的“Watching her ______n ne task”可知,“我”会想一件能满足那个失去亲人的熟人需要(need)的具体的(specific)工作。
20.A.idea B.persnality
C.identity D.need

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