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1.—D yu want tea r cffee?
—__________is OK. I really dn't mind.
2.Thanks fr letting us brrw yur camera. We__________it t yu next Mnday.
A.returnB.will returnC.have returned
3.It's hard t turn dwn a banana. They taste gd and yu dn't have t wash them__________eating them.
4.Only plants and animals that need very little water __________ live in a desert.
5.Kelly White lves all sprts, __________skating.
6.Mst f us enjy __________ t ur mthers speak, because ur brains greatly prefer the vices f ur wn mthers.
A.listeningB.listenC.t listen
7.We will cause less pllutin _____________we can find ways t reuse r recycle mre rubbish.
8.___________d peple greet visitrs? Sme shake hands. Sme say "hell" r "hi". Sme kiss.
9.We have t ______________ the schl trip because f the bad weather.
A.put ffB.get ffC.turn ff
10.In America, Thanksgiving is a hliday_____________celebrates the lve f family.
A.Althugh B.give their seats C.Since D.were nt allwed E. make life better F. sld
Martin Luther King Jr. was brn in Gergia in the suth f the USA in 1929. In 1954 he began t wrk in a church (教堂).
All thrugh his life he tried t 11.fr African-Americans, whse ancestrs came t America frm Africa between 1640 and 1798. White peple brught them t America in ships, 12.them as slaves (奴隶) and frced them t wrk. 13.they were set free (自由的) after the American Civil War, their lives didn't change much fr a lng time. Sme peple still didn't like them. In the 1950's, African-Americans14.t d lts f things in the suth f America. They culd nt walk n the ftpath when a white persn was n it. They culd nt eat in restaurants where white peple ate. They culd nt g t the shps that were wned by white peple. When they were n a bus, they had t15.t white peple.
A.made a famus speech B.fair C.refused D.in peace E. agreed F. stp riding
In December f 1955, a lady called Rsa Parks16.t give her seat t a white man. This made the bus driver angry and he called the plice. The plice tk Rss away. Martin Luther King, Jr. said this was wrng and tld peple they shuld stp it. He spke t lts f peple and tld them what was happening. He said the law shuld be17.and they shuld be able t d the same things as white peple. He called fr the African-Americans t18.n the bus. His idea wrked. The bus cmpanies (公司) lst mney. In December 1956, the Supreme Curt (最高法院)made the city change the rules.
Martin Luther King, Jr. traveled acrss America t meet lts f imprtant peple and tld them abut the prblems. In 1963 he led a big grup f African-Americans in Washingtn. He19.there. He said he had a dream that black and white peple wuld live tgether20.. He was a really imprtant persn in histry because he changed African-Americans' lives a lt. American peple and peple arund the wrld remember him fr what he has dne.
Wearing a white bluse, Ai-Da studies her subject and begins t draw. She lks like any artist at wrk. Hwever, the "beep ... beep ... beep" nise frm her arm gives her away. Ai-Da is, in fact, a rbt.
Ai-Da has been described as the wrld's "first AI (人工智能) rbt artist". She takes her name frm Ada Lvelace, the wrld's first female cmputer prgrammer. Scientists at Oxfrd University develped AI systems (系统) fr Ai-Da. The rbt has cameras in her eyeballs. After she has studied a subject, she will use her left arm t draw. Nw, Ai-Da can nly use a pencil fr sketches (素描). The plan is fr her t paint.
Ai-Da is nt the first AI system t prduce artwrks. Since 2006, scientists have been develping sftware (软件) t turn phts int drawings. Last year, an artwrk created using AI was sld in New Yrk fr $132,500. Hwever, Ai-Da's human-like appearance brings smething new t the field.
In June, Ai-Da pened her first exhibitin at Oxfrd. There were abut 30 drawings by the rbt. Ai-Da, standing next t her artwrks, attracted (吸引) many visitrs.
Ai-Da's inventr, Aidan Meller, talked abut the imprtance f the rbt. "Ai-Da brings a new vice t the art wrld," she said. "AI is ging t be the big thing f the 2020s. That influences us greatly." Meller hpes the exhibitin was just the start and that mre will fllw t shw hw AI is influencing human life.
21.Ai-Da is a real artist wh helps scientists at Oxfrd University develp AI systems.
22.Last year, scientists began t develp sftware t turn phts int drawings.
23.In June, Ai-Da pened her first exhibitin at Oxfrd successfully.
24.Aidan Meller thinks AI is ging t influence human life mre and mre greatly.
The lngest river in the wrld is the Nile. It is 4,160 miles lng. But the Nile is nt the mightiest (浩荡的) river. The Amazn is. The Amazn is als the secnd lngest river in the wrld. It is 3,900 miles lng. Hw lng is that? It is lnger than a rad ging frm New Yrk City t San Francisc.
The Amazn is the mightiest fr this reasn. It has the greatest amunt f water. Mre water runs ut t sea than frm the Nile. Mississippi, and Yangtze rivers cmbined. That's a lt f fresh water! The frce f its current (水流) is great t. The current can be seen 200 miles ut in the sea. There's a stry t shw the Amazn's amazing current. A ship sailed (航行) far away frm Brazil. It ran ut f drinking water. Anther ship passed by. The first ship asked fr water. Smene n the secnd ship said. "Just put yur buckets (桶) int the sea."
Here are a few mre facts. At its muth, the Amazn is 90 miles wide. Even up the river, yu can't see the ppsite bank. The river is als very deep(frm 22 t 76 meters). During rainy seasn, the river rises abut 16 meters mre. Big cean ships can sail abut 1,800 miles upstream (向上游). Smaller ships can sail 1,000 miles farther.
What's the mst bldthirsty fish in the wrld? N. It's nt the shark. It's the Amazn's piranha. It is nly abut 10 cm t 20 cm lng. It has sharp teeth. Thusands travel in a grup. N animal can swim acrss the rivet. A 1,000-pund hrse wuld be just bnes (骨头) in three minutes. Are yu planning a trip t the Amazn? Here's a piece f advice. Leave yur swimsuit at hme!
25.After reading this passage it seems clear that____________.
A.peple d nt drink the Amazn’s water
B.it wuld nt be gd t visit the Amazn during rainy seasn
C.sailing n the Amazn requires knwledge f its current
26.The writer helps yu understand hw lng the Amazn is by___________.
A.telling hw lng the Nile isB.cmparing it t a distance(距离)n land
C.cmparing it with the Yangtze River
27.In Paragraph Fur, the wrd“sharp”means“_________”in Chinese.
28.The passage mainly tells us____________.
A.piranha in the AmaznB.traveling in the AmaznC.interesting facts abut the Amazn
Wake up, bys and girls! Put up yur hand if yu try t repair yur tired bdy by sleeping in(睡懒觉)n weekends. A new study says the habit might nt be a gd idea fr yur health.
The ten-day study came ut in the magazine Current Bilgy. Vlunteers were divided int three grups. The first grup enjyed nine hurs' sleep each night. The secnd grup was allwed t sleep nly five hurs each night. The third grup was given five hurs' sleep Mnday thrugh Friday.29.But they were put back n the shrt sleep schedule the next Mnday.
Bth the secnd and third grups ate mre snacks at night and put n weight. They als saw a decrease (减少) in insulin sensitivity (胰岛素敏感性), a warning sign fr diabetes (糖尿病). Researchers have lng knwn a tack (缺乏) f sleep can increase health risks.30.
"Even thugh peple in the third grup slept as much as they culd n the weekend, it was nt enugh," said Dr Kenneth Wright, wh led the study. "When they went back t the shrt sleep schedule the next week, their bdy failed t cntrl bld sugar. 31.
S what shuld we d if sleeping in ver the weekend is nt a gd chice? 32. Cut ut the "sleep stealers" such as watching televisin shws r spending time n cmputers r mbile phnes. Always remember. Getting enugh sleep is as imprtant as having gd caring habits r ding exercise regularly.
A.That was partly because their bilgical clck (生物钟) had been changed.
B.Peple can repair their tired bdy by sleeping in n weekends.
C.But it was surprising that the third grup had been wrse than the secnd ne.
D.Dr Wright gave advice in tw wrds: sleep lnger.
E.And then they were allwed t sleep as much as they liked ver a weekend.
33.After a busy mrning at wrk, lunchtime gives__________a chance t d many things, such as exercise, read and watch TV. (I)
34.The new plan asks residents (居民) t put their rubbish int fur different __________ ,ne fr each kind f rubbish. ( bx )
35.After the Great Wall Statin, Zhngshan, Kunlun and Taishan, China is nw building its__________research statin in Antarctica (南极洲). ( five )
36.Grwing up is hard fr everyne. Laura has t face lts f stress as a __________. (teenage)
37.It's_____________t talk with yur muth full. (plite)
38.Accrding t sme studies, the_____________yu read, the less yu understand what yu have read. (fast)
39.Recycling yur rubbish is a great habit. Hwever. it's even better t turn yur rubbish int smething new and_____________. (use)
40.Why d we make mistakes mre_____________when we feel tired? This happens because parts f ur brain actually fall asleep when we're awake and tired. ( easy )
In Pntevedra, a city in Spain, peple dn't shut. Since cars are banned (明令禁止) in the city, there are n nises frm cars. Peple dn't have t try hard t make themselves heard. What yu hear in the street, instead, is the singing f birds.
Miguel Lres, the mayr (市长), pens the windws f his ffice, and the sund f human vices41. (rise) frm the street belw. Lres says, "Mre than 14,000 cars used t pass alng this street every day. There 42.(be) mre cars passing thrugh the city in a day than peple living here."
Lres became mayr in 1999. He spent mnths43.(walk) arund the city. "The histrical city is dead," he said ne day. "It is full f cars. It44.(pllute) heavily. There are a lt f traffic accidents. The elderly and children aren't able t use the streets because f cars. Peple wh had a chance t leave have dne s."
At first, Lres thught f imprving traffic cnditins. Hwever, he culdn't cme up with a gd plan. After lts f discussins, the gvernment finally decided45.( take ) actin t ban cars.
The change46.(bring ) Pntevedra many advantages since then. Traffic accidents seldm happen. CO2emissins (排放物) are dwn 70 percent. Many peple are mving t the city, making it lively again. Mst lcal peple in the city like the change. Ramir Armest, a mther f tw yung children, said, "In the past, the first thing t see in the mrning was traffic jams. Nw, the city is cleaner, quieter and safer." Raquel Garcia, anther parent, said she had stayed in many cities arund the wrld. Hwever, she had never lived in a city as "easy t live in" as Pntevedra. "Even while it47.(rain). I walk everywhere. The feeling is wnderful," she added. "Pntevedra is paradise(天堂)”.
On winter nights, the wind usually blws strngly. Mst f us stay inside ur warm hmes. Few f us think abut the hmeless. These peple have n chice but t sleep n the streets. Sme f them are s pr that they have n mney t buy fd.
A yung man in Birmingham, England, made a decisin t d smething abut this. Every night, he puts n a Spider-Man suit and gives fd t the hmeless he meets. He makes sure that these peple wn't g hungry.
The man refuses t make his name public. The lcal peple call him the "Birmingham Spider-Man". The yung man hpes his actin will shw thers that everybdy deserves (应得) a helping hand.
The 25-year-ld man started his night activities in 2015. Every night at 9, he buys sme sandwiches. Then. he finds a quiet alley and puts n his "unifrm". After that, the "Spider-Man" starts handing his fd ut t peple in need.
The man said, "I wear the Spider-Man suit in rder t get attentin." Withut the suit, few peple tk a secnd lk at him when he was handing ut fd. When peple see the "Spider-Stan",hwever, they cme ver and ask what he is ding.
"The Birmingham Spider-Man" has already gt lts f attentin. Many peple have ffered t give away mney t him. But the yung man never accepts the mney. Instead, he encurages peple t g ut and help peple in need n their wn. He said, "If mre peple ffer a helping hand, the cld winter nights wn't be s cld any lnger."
48.Hw des the yung man in Birmingham, England help the hmeless peple?
49.When did the yung man start his night activities?
50.What des the yung man hpe his actin will shw thers?
51.Why des the yung man wear the Spider-Man suit when he helps the hmeless peple?
52.Why des the yung man never accept the mney that many peple have given away t him?
53. 在初中三年的时光里,大家或多或少都会有一些不愉快的经历,请以“An Unhappy Experience”为题,根据以下要求与提示,用英语写一篇短文,描述一个令你不愉快的事件,分享你的体验和感悟。
1. Tell a stry abut ne f yur unhappy experiences,
2. What did yu learn frm the experience?
An Unhappy Experience

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