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11_必修第二册 UNIT 5 MUSIC练习题
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11_必修第二册 UNIT 5 MUSIC练习题

这是一份11_必修第二册 UNIT 5 MUSIC练习题,共24页。试卷主要包含了prve vt,relief n,aim n,assume vt,varius adj,    7等内容,欢迎下载使用。

①(2020天津)Restaurants can ffer a chice f music alng with the varius fd chices n the menu, allwing custmers mre cntrl ver the atmsphere in which they are dining.
②(2020天津)He cnvinced the plice department t allw him t set up a cuple f “chat benches” in tw f their lcal parks.
Then played by talented students.
④(2018课标全国Ⅲ)此外,随着体育场的建立,各种各样的体育赛事都能在那里举行了。(set up)
In additin, , a wide range f sprts events are able t be held there.
答案 ①各种各样的 ②设置 ③there will be varius fantastic perfrmances ④with the stadium set up
◆链接 set sth. up安装好(设备或机器)
break up拆开;破碎;结束;分手
bring up抚养;提出;呕吐
build up创建;增多;加强
clear up打扫;(天气)晴朗起来;治愈
cme up升起;被提及;即将出现
cut up切碎
divide up分配
eat up吃完;吃光
fix up修理好;准备好;装饰
give up放弃;投降
g up被建造;上涨;着火
grw up成长;别那么幼稚;逐渐发展
hld up抬起,撑起;阻碍
jin up入伍;参军
pen up开业;打开;开始发生
make up形成;编造;补上(落下的时间/课等)
pick up拿起;接收(信号等);(开车)接某人;(偶然)学会;(碰巧或廉价地)买到
put up提出(意见等);表现;张贴;留宿;建造
rund up使聚拢
speed up加速
stay up熬夜
take up占据;开始从事
thrw up呕吐;辞职
turn up出现;调高(音量等)
wake up醒来;活跃起来
1.prve vt.证明;展现
①He prved it's nt what happens t us that determines ur lives—it's what we make f what happens.(2020江苏)
②But if AI des eventually prve (be) ur dwnfall, it is unlikely t be at the hands f human-shaped frms like these, with recgnisably human mtivatins such as aggressin(敌对行为).(2020北京)
③The night befre my marathn, I dreamt that I culdn't even find the finish line. I wke up sweating and nervus, but ready t prve smething myself.(2018北京)
④But Sarah, wh has taken part in shws alng with tp mdels, wants t prve she has brains as well as beauty.(2017课标全国Ⅲ)
⑤This methd is prved t be mre efficient.(it作形式主语)
→ this methd is mre efficient.
1.答案 ①that ②t be ③t ④that ⑤It is prved that
2.relief n.(焦虑,痛苦的)减轻或消除;(不快过后的)宽慰,轻松或解脱
①I'm relieved (knw) that “cl” has a much brader definitin than what I used t think.(2020天津)
②Quality cunts less than attitude and effrt—even a stupid jke can relieve/free thers risk and embarrassment.(2020江苏)
③Still, mst f us vlunteers breathe a sigh f (relieve) when the seasn cmes t a clse.(2019课标全国Ⅱ)
④It was relief and I came t a sudden stp just in the middle f the rad.(2017课标全国Ⅰ)
⑤ (relieve), I sat back in an easy chair and fell asleep.(2016天津)
Thugh still trembling with fear, we .
2.答案 ①t knw ②f ③relief ④a ⑤Relieved
⑥felt relieved and safe
3.aim n.目的;目标 vi.& vt.力求达到;力争做到;瞄准 vt.目的是;旨在
①He aims (finish) his jurney by mid-July. With any luck, he'll turn a few mre heads in the prcess.(2019浙江)
②Earlier this year, the China Thrugh A Lking Glass exhibitin in New Yrk exhibited 140 pieces f China-inspired fashinable clthing alngside Chinese wrks f art, the aim f explring the influence f Chinese aesthetics(美学) n Western fashin...(2019课标全国Ⅲ)
③The industry has als taken aim the prduct that has appeared as its replacement: reusable shpping bags.(2018浙江)
④Jane mved (aim) dwn the tree-lined street,nt knwing where she was heading.(2017北京)
⑤She started the Ladybug Fundatin, an rganizatin (aim) at getting rid f hmelessness.(2017北京)
nr can we deny it cmpletely.(2016江苏)
3.答案 ①t finish ②with ③at ④aimlessly ⑤aiming
⑥Neither shuld we embrace nline vting aimlessly
4.assume vt.以为;假设
①They were much strnger than mdern humans, but it's lng (assume) that human ancestrs were smarter than the Neanderthals.(2020北京)
②A thughtful fficial passed n sme f the cpies t the park authrities n the assumptin they might make a nice blw-up fr ne f the visitrs' centers.(2019江苏)
③Try t understand what's actually happening instead f acting n the (assume) yu've made.(2018江苏)
④If there wasn't the hard wrk f the dustman,what can yu imagine ur envirnment will be like?
→ there wasn't the hard wrk f the dustman,what can yu imagine ur envirnment will be like?(用assuming改写)
⑤Peple assume that what they d has little effect n the envirnment.
→ what peple d has little effect n the envirnment.(用it作形式主语改写)
4.答案 ①been assumed ②that ③assumptin
④Assuming (that) ⑤It is assumed that
5.varius adj.各种不同的;各种各样的
①Galile was nt merely ambitius when he drpped bjects f (vary) weights frm the Leaning Twer at Pisa and timed their fall t the grund.(2020天津)
②Jin targeted reading grups. Libraries will ften hld reading-grup sessins targeted t (vary)age grups.(2020天津)
③Thrugh the Summer Emplyment Opprtunities prgram, students are hired each year in a (vary) f summer psitins acrss the Prvincial Public Service, its related agencies and cmmunity grups.(2019课标全国Ⅰ)
④The underlined part in Paragraph 2 implies the cst f adaptatin varies time.(2017江苏)
. The fast ecnmic develpment befre 2016 was prbably the mst pwerful engine driving the cnstant grwth in the bx-ffice incme.(2017江苏)
5.答案 ①varying ②varius ③variety ④with ⑤The reasns behind this are varius
1.be absrbed in sth./sb. 被。吸引住;专心致志
①Lancm trains yur brain t learn efficiently, s yu (absrb) mre infrmatin while in the app and cntinue learning utside f it.(2020北京)
②These kids are s absrbed their studies that I just sit back. I dn't teach.(2019课标全国Ⅱ)
③It takes sunscreen abut fifteen minutes t start wrking, and that's plenty f time fr yur skin (absrb)a day's wrth f vitamin D.(2019课标全国Ⅰ)
④Hwever, when smething did interest me, I culd becme (absrb).(2016北京)
⑤Plants absrb carbn dixide the air and misture frm the sil.
⑥Nutrients frm the digested fd can be absrbed the bld.
Additinally, sitting n the grass and enjying the tasty fd and drinks prvided by spnsrs, we the attractive and fascinating perfrmances.(2019课标全国Ⅲ)
⑧As the freign students were absrbed in every mve f mine, they were nce again amazed by this unique culture and they culdn't help taking pictures frm time t time.(2018北京)(过去分词短语作状语)
→ , the freign students were nce again amazed by this unique culture and they culdn't help taking pictures frm time t time.
1.答案 ①absrb ②in ③t absrb ④absrbed ⑤frm
⑥int ⑦will be fully absrbed in ⑧Absrbed in every mve f mine
2.set sth. up 安装好(设备或机器)
①The next mrning he hired a bat and set ut (find) the well-knwn painter.(2020课标全国Ⅲ)
②Alice Mre is a teenager entrepreneur(创业者), wh in May 2015 set her business AilieCandy.(2019北京)
③If a smke detectr sets an alarm and there is n fire r smke, infrm yur hall staff.(2018天津)
④The mvie (set) in a small twn where the nly mvie theater is preparing t clse dwn.(2017课标全国Ⅲ)
⑤While high schl des nt generally encurage students t explre new aspects f life, cllege sets the stage that explratin.(2017课标全国Ⅰ)
, n the raft dwn the river navigatin, we see a steambat that is ging t sink.(2020课标全国Ⅲ)
, she fully deserves ur respect.(2020课标全国Ⅰ)
2.答案 ①t find ②up ③ff ④is set ⑤fr
⑥The play is set in a big strm after midnight
⑦Having set a great example t us students
①Give me a chance, I'll give yu a wnderful surprise.
②Seize the chance, yu wn't have ne any mre.
③Lend her a hand, and she will be grateful t yu.
→ , she will be grateful t yu.(用条件状语从句改写)
④Wrk hard, and yu will succeed.
→ , yu will succeed.(用现在分词短语作状语改写)
1.答案 ①and ②r/therwise ③If yu lend her a hand ④Wrking hard
①The app makes ur practical language lessns (availability) wherever and whenever.(2020北京)
②Walking upright makes easy t find fd r guard against enemies.(2019江苏)
③He spke alud s that he culd make himself (hear) clearly.
④In sme respects, tday's pwerful cmputing machines already make ur brains lk weak.(2020北京)
→In sme respects, by tday's pwerful cmputing machines.(用被动语态改写)
The traditinal Chinese clthes, it seems t me, will and inviting t the British guests.(2019江苏)
2.答案 ①available ②it ③heard ④ur brains are already made t lk weak ⑤make the ccasin very Chinese
Eric Whitacre was the first persn 1 (cme) up with the idea f 2 virtual chir. He began studying music at the University f Nevada in 1988, and then he fell in lve with Mzart's classical music. In 1995, he graduated frm university and then received a master's degree in 3 (music) cmpsitin frm the Juilliard Schl in 1997. Over the next 10 years, his riginal 4 (cmpsitin) began t becme ppular amng chirs and singers. In 2009, 5 (inspire) by a vide f a girl wh was singing ne f his wrks, he asked his fans t make vides, 6 he then jined tgether int ne 7 (perfrm). Thus his first virtual chir 8 (frm). Since then, the virtual chir 9 (becme) a wrldwide phenmenn.
The virtual chir has a psitive influence 10 the lives f many peple. It's a gd way fr peple arund the wrld t sing with ne vice and thus make the wrld a better place.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
1.t cme 2.the 3.musical 4.cmpsitins 5.inspired
6.which 7.perfrmance 8.was frmed 9.has becme 10.n
1.玛丽一听说虚拟合唱团就喜欢上了它。(the mment, virtual chir, fall in lve with)
Mary it.
2.现在她已经是虚拟合唱团的一员了,这点使她很高兴。(a member f, make+宾语+宾语补足语)
Nw she is .
3.她有机会让她迷人的嗓音被全世界的人们听到。(pprtunity, make+宾语+宾语补足语)
She by peple all ver the wrld.
She .
5.她所需要的是一台摄像机和互联网连接。(a vide camera, an Internet cnnectin)
What/All she needs is .
Ⅰ in lve with the virtual chir the mment she heard abut
2.a member f the virtual chir, which makes her very happy
3.has the pprtunity t make her charming vice heard
4.perfrms nly at hme
5.a vide camera and an Internet cnnectin

Ⅱ.One pssible versin:
Mary fell in lve with the virtual chir the mment she heard abut it. And nw she is a member f the virtual chir, which makes her very happy. She has the pprtunity t make her charming vice heard by peple all ver the wrld. Hwever, she perfrms nly at hme. What/All she needs is a vide camera and an Internet cnnectin.
D yu lve music? If yu are a music lver, there are sme music festivals fr yu t learn abut.
The Strawberry Music Festival
Held at the mst beautiful fairgrund in Califrnia, the Strawberry Music Festival takes ver the Nevada Cunty Fairgrunds every Memrial Day fr fur days. This park, which is set in the Sierra Nevada fthills, ffers the perfect envirnment fr camping and perfrmances by sme f the tp artists. The festival als ffers children's prgrammes, wrkshps and activities fr all ages.
The Tree Twn Music Festival
Yu dn't have t be in the Suthwest r in Texas t enjy yurself in the cuntry lifestyle. Cuntry living can be fund all ver the United States. The Tree Twn Music Festival in Frest City, Iwa, is a great example f cuntry fun in the Midwest. The Tree Twn Music Festival features camping and live music frm sme f the biggest names in mdern cuntry.
The Tampa Bay Indian Music & Dance Festival
This festival shws respect fr the traditins f India and its peple. Fd, music and perfrmances are tp attractins and display the Indian heritage prudly. Yga fans can catch a relaxing practice via kirtan (唱颂). This experience f Indian culture is fun fr all ages.
The SXSW Music Festival
The SXSW Music Festival is a glbal music event taking place every March in Austin, Texas. Each year the SXSW Music Festival hsts a wnderful mix f artists perfrming in bars, clubs, parks, htels and mre in Austin, Texas. Nt limited in srts r reginal fcus, audiences can enjy different kinds f musical styles at SXSW. At the 2018 editin, artists frm 65 cuntries were represented amng the 2,000+ fficial perfrmers.
1.What can yu d in Frest City, Iwa?
A.Enjy perfrmances by tp artists.
B.Taste many kinds f delicius fd.
C.Have fun experiencing great cuntry life.
D.Take part in interesting yga classes.
2.What is special abut the Tampa Bay Indian Music & Dance Festival?
A.It is suitable fr children.
B.It shws Indian culture.
C.Its theme is abut yga.
D.It is held n a ship.
3.Which f the festivals is held in Texas?
A.The Strawberry Music Festival.
B.The Tree Twn Music Festival.
C.The Tampa Bay Indian Music & Dance Festival.
D.The SXSW Music Festival.
[语篇解读] 本文是说明文,给音乐爱好者介绍了四个音乐艺术节的情况。
1.C 细节理解题。根据The Tree Twn Music Festival部分的The Tree Twn Music Festival in Frest City, Iwa, is a great example f cuntry fun in the Midwest.可知,艾奥瓦州森林城的“树镇音乐节”是中西部乡村娱乐的一个很好的例子。所以,在这里你可以享受美妙的乡村生活。故选C。
2.B 细节理解题。根据The Tampa Bay Indian Music & Dance Festival部分的This festival shws respect fr the traditins f India and its peple.和下文内容可知,这个节日展示印度的文化和传统。故选B。
3.D 细节理解题。根据最后一段的The SXSW Music Festival is a glbal music event taking place every March in Austin, Texas.可知,SXSW音乐节在得克萨斯举行。故选D。
Nwadays yung peple in the UK hardly ever g t music shps.In fact,there aren't many music shps 1 in British high streets and small independent music shps have almst cmpletely disappeared.Yu culd be frgiven(谅解)fr 2 that British yungsters are n lnger interested in music. 3 , music is still an imprtant part f life fr mst British peple.In a recent survey yung peple had t imagine what they wuld 4 if they lived n a desert island and 90 percent f thse wh 5 chse music first.
The main difference between attitudes t music nw and in the past is that lts f yung peple wuld 6 the idea f paying fr music nwadays.“Music is free,”they say,“and yu can get it frm the Internet.”S illegal dwnlading f music is 7 accrding t the survey,saying that an average teenager has 800 illegally dwnladed sngs n his r her MP3 player.Anther research has shwn that many teenagers listen t music 8 n their cmputer hard drive,which cntains ver 8,000 sngs
9 .
S,what des this mean fr the bands(乐队)that make their mney frm the 10 f their music?In the past bands culd make sme mney frm T-shirts,CDs and psters but nw they need t be mre creative. Sme f the big names in British music are 11 sme interesting ways t make mney.Fr example,yu can chse a Grillaz lamp if yu want t brighten up yur bedrm.Yu can
12 dry yur Cldplay cups with a Supergrass branded tea twel while listening t music.
If yu are thinking f 13 yur wn band, yu have t g t yur audience t make yurself knwn. It is mre difficult fr bands that are just starting ut in the music business t make mney but easier fr them t find 14 .UKbands is a site devted t new music,where it gives bands a chance t
15 their music acrss the web. S dig ut yur guitar and maybe yu culd be an Internet star.
C.pening D.missing
C.questining D.dubting
C.Actually D.Smehw
C.remember D.miss
cntrl B.tk part
C.tk charge D.tk actin
at B.puzzle ver
C.be curius abut D.be upset abut
C.unusual D.widespread
C.saved D.included
average B.in general
C.as usual D.abve all
C.service D.supply
C.ffering D.trying
C.even D.nearly
C.beginning D.making
C.teens D.fans
C.share D.enjy
[语篇解读] 本文是说明文。尽管英国繁华的商业街留下来的音乐商店不多了,但是音乐在英国人的生活中仍然扮演着重要角色。
1.A 根据small independent music shps have almst cmpletely disappeared可知,独立的小型音乐商店几乎消失,街上留存的音乐商店也不多。leave离开,留下;exist存在;pen打开;miss错过。故选A。
2.A 根据Nwadays yung peple in the UK hardly ever g t music shps.可知,你会认为英国年轻人不再对音乐感兴趣。think认为;wnder想知道;questin提问;dubt怀疑。故选A。
3.C 根据that British yungsters are n lnger interested in music可知,你会认为英国年轻人对音乐不再感兴趣,但事实不是这样。anyhw无论如何;besides另外;actually实际上;smehw不知怎么地。故选C。
4.D 根据if they lived n a desert island可知,如果他们住在荒岛会想念什么。believe 相信;imagine 想象;remember 记得;miss想念。故选D。
5.B 根据语境可知,参加调查的人中百分之九十的人首先选择音乐。take cntrl 掌控;take part 参加;take charge掌管;take actin 行动。故选B。
6.A 根据“Music is free,” they say,“and yu can get it frm the Internet.”可知,网上音乐免费还要付钱买音乐,年轻人觉得好笑。laugh at 嘲笑;puzzle ver苦苦思索;be curius abut对。好奇;be upset abut对。失望。故选A。
7.D 根据上文可知,非法下载音乐很普遍。harmful 有害的;apprpriate 合适的;unusual 不寻常的;widespread广泛的,普遍的。故选D。
8.C 根据n their cmputer hard drive可知,另一个研究表明很多青少年硬盘里平均储存有八千多首音乐。此处指储存在硬盘里的音乐。hide隐藏;reserve保留;save节省,储存;include包括。故选C。
9.A 根据cntains ver 8,000 sngs可知,此处指平均储存八千多首音乐。n average 平均;in general一般来说;as usual像平常一样;abve all最重要的是。故选A。
10.B 根据下文In the past bands culd make sme mney frm T-shirts, CDs and psters but nw they need t be mre creative.可知,乐队要靠出售音乐来赚钱。share 分享;sale 出售;service服务;supply 提供。故选B。
11.D 根据Fr example, yu can chse a Grillaz lamp if yu want t brighten up yur bedrm. 可知,一些英国音乐界的大牌明星在尝试一些有趣的方式来赚钱。imprve提高;gain获得;ffer提供;try尝试。故选D。
12.C 根据内容可知,本句与上一句为递进关系,用“even”更符合语境。still 仍然;ever 曾经;even 甚至;nearly 几乎。故选C。
13.B 根据yu have t g t yur audience t make yurself knwn可知,让观众们认识你是开创乐队必须做的事情。develp发展;start开始,创办;begin开始;make制造。故选B。
14.D 根据where it gives bands a chance music acrss the web可知,找到粉丝比赚钱更容易一些。friend朋友;publisher出版商;teen青少年;fan迷,狂热爱好者。故选D。
15.C 根据their music acrss the web 可知,是在网上分享音乐。exchange交换;sell 卖出;share 分享;enjy 享受。故选C。
American ppular music is played all ver the wrld. Peple f all ages in all cuntries enjy listening t it. The reasns 1 its ppularity are the music's fast pace and rhythmic beat.
The United States 2 (witness) many rigins f ppular music s far. Cuntry music cming frm the rural areas in the Suthern United States is ne surce. Many peple appreciate this music because f the emtins 3 (express) by cuntry music sngs.
A 4 (tw) rigin f American ppular music is the blues. It describes 5 (mst) sad feelings reflecting the difficult lives f American blacks. It is usually played and sung by black musicians, 6 it is ppular with all Americans.
Rck music is a newer frm f music. This music style was knwn as rck and rll in the 1950s, and since then there 7 (be) many frms f rck music:hard rck, sft rck, punk rck, disc music and thers. Many 8 (perfrm) f ppular rck music are yung ambitius musicians.
Peple hear these sngs sung in 9 (they) mther language r smetimes translated int ther languages. The wrds may differ, but the enjyment f the music is 10 (benefit) and universal.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文。文章介绍了美国流行音乐受到所有国家不同年龄段的人喜爱的原因,它的起源以及它的流行形式。
1.fr 考查介词。句意:它受欢迎的原因是这种音乐的快节奏和有节奏的节拍。结合句意可知此处表示“。的原因”,常用短语为the reasn fr...。
2.has witnessed 考查动词时态及主谓一致。根据本句时间状语s far(到目前为止)可知,应用现在完成时;主语为The United States,助动词用has。
3.expressed 考查非谓语动词。分析句子结构可知,express在句中应用非谓语动词形式,且express与其逻辑主语 emtins构成的是被动关系,故应用过去分词作定语。
4.secnd 考查数词。句意:美国流行音乐的又一个起源是布鲁斯音乐。a secnd表示“又一个”。
5.mstly 考查副词。句意:它主要描述悲伤的情感,反映美国黑人艰难的生活。此处修饰动词describes,应用副词mstly,表示“主要地”。
6.but 考查连词。句意:它通常由黑人音乐家演奏和演唱,但它很受所有美国人的欢迎。结合上下文语境可知,此处为转折关系,应用连词but。
7.have been 考查时态。句意:这种音乐风格在20世纪50年代被称为摇滚,从那时起摇滚乐就有了很多种形式:硬摇滚,软摇滚,朋克摇滚,迪斯科音乐,还有其他的。此处为there be句型,表示“有。”。由since then和句意可知此处应用现在完成时,故填have been。
8.perfrmers 考查名词。句意:许多流行摇滚音乐的表演者都是年轻的,有雄心的音乐家。此处在句中作主语,表示“表演者”,应用名词perfrmer;根据前面的修饰语Many以及后面的are可知,此处应填名词的复数形式。
9.their 考查代词。句意:人们听到这些歌曲用他们的母语唱,或者有时被翻译成其他语言。修饰名词language应用形容词性物主代词their,表示“他们的”。
10.beneficial 考查形容词。句意:词可能不同,但音乐的享受是有益的而且是普遍的。根据上文the enjyment f the music is和下文的universal可知,此处应填形容词beneficial,作表语,表示“有益的”。
A Chinese Classical Music Cncert

One pssible versin:
A Chinese Classical Music Cncert
A Chinese classical music cncert was held in ur schl hall n Saturday night. Many masterpieces f ancient musicians, such as High Muntain and Flwing Water and The Spring Snw, were played by a famus band. The students present felt the muntain, the water, the winter snw, the silk bamb and the endless call f life flwing in the air at the cncert.
The cncert was really ppular with the students, especially thse wh lve Chinese classical music. Many said that they wuld pass n the traditinal music and lked frward t the next music feast.
After silence, that which cmes nearest t expressing the inexpressible is music.—Aldus Huxley
(1)prve sth. t sb.向某人证明某事
prve sb./sth.(t be)+adj./n.证明某人/物是。
It's prved that...据证明。;据证实。
(2)prve/turn ut (t be)+n./adj./从句 证明是。;结果是。
The medicine prved satisfactry.结果证明这种药令人满意。
(1)in relief如释重负;松了口气
t ne's relief令某人感到欣慰的是
It is a relief t d sth.做某事感到舒心多了
(2)relieve vt.减轻;缓解;消除
relieve sb. f sth.帮某人减轻(负担)
(3)relieved adj.感到宽慰的;放心的
be relieved t 深感欣慰。
(1)take aim at sb./sth.把目标对准某人/物
with the aim f...有。目的
withut aim漫无目的地
(2)aim at...瞄准。;目的在于。
aim t ding...旨在做。
be aimed at...目的是。;旨在。
(3)aimless adj.没有目标的
aimlessly adv.漫无目的地
(1)由于aim既可用作及物动词也可用作不及物动词,所以类似下面这样的句子既可用主动语态也可用被动语态:My remarks were nt aimed/didn't aim at yu.我的话并非针对你。
(2)在take aim at中,aim前不能加不定冠词,即使aim前有形容词,也不可加不定冠词。
(1)assume sb./sth. t be...认为某人/事。
It is assumed that...人们认为。
(2)assuming cnj.假设。为真;假如
assuming (that)...假设。
(3)assumptin n.假定;假设;担任;(权力的)获得
n the assumptin that...假定。
make the assumptin that...假设。
(1)fr varius reasns由于种种原因
(2)variety n.变化;多样化;变种;品种;不同种类
a variety f各种各样的;不同种类的
(3)vary v.相异;变化;使多样化
vary 从。到。不等;在。到。之间变动
vary with...随。变动
vary in...在。方面变化
(1)absrbed adj.专心致志;全神贯注
be absrbed by/int...被。吞并/吸收/吸引
be absrbed neself in...专注于。
(2)absrb v.吸收;吸引全部注意力;使全神贯注;使并入
absrb ne's attentin吸引某人的注意
表示“全神贯注于。”的常见短语还有be lst in,be buried in,fix/fcus ne's attentin n,devte neself t,cncentrate ne's mind n,apply neself t,be addicted t等。
set up建立;创立;设置
set abut开始/着手做
set dwn记下;放下;让(乘客)下车
set ut动身;出发;开始工作
set ff动身;出发;使爆炸;使响起;引发
set aside留出(钱或时间);把。放在一边
be set in以。为背景
set t...给。树立一个。的榜样
set the stage fr...使。成为可能;为。铺平道路
Imagine having the pprtunity t sing tgether with
hundreds f ther peple while yu are at hme alne.
本句是祈使句,动名词短语“having the pprtunity...”作动词Imagine的宾语。
The virtual chir is a wnderful way fr peple
arund the wrld t sing with ne vice and thus
make the wrld a better place.
在make the wrld a better place中,名词the wrld作宾语,a better place是宾语补足语。
I'd like t make it clear that I have nthing t d with this.

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