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这是一份4_必修第一册 UNIT 3 SPORTS AND FITNESS练习题,共21页。试卷主要包含了fitness n,rack n,hnur n,determinatin n,stress n,    7等内容,欢迎下载使用。

①(2020课标全国Ⅰ)Rather than getting caught up in hw yu culd have dne better, why nt ffer yurself a cmpassinate (有同情心的) respnse?
②(2020江苏)They tested the men's fitness and resting metablic(新陈代谢的) rates and tk samples (样品) f their bld and fat tissue.
,we watched the vide f alumni fighting against COVID-19, deeply mved.
Thugh tired and exhausted, the players all a gd way t imprve physical fitness.
答案 ①而不是 ②健康 ③At the event scene
④regarded this cmpetitin as
◆链接 in hnur f 为了纪念。;为了向。表示敬意
in charge f负责;掌管
in celebratin f为了庆祝。
in need f需要
1.fitness n.健康;健壮;适合
①This fd is nt fit human cnsumptin.
②Nt many peple are fit enugh (d) this.
③D these plans fit in yur arrangements?
④The dctr will first determine yur (fit) t receive the anaesthetic(麻醉).
1.答案 ①fr ②t d ③with ④fitness
2.rack n.跑道;足迹;铁路轨道 vt.& vi.追踪;跟踪
①India has thusands f miles f track.
②The tw men turned t watch the hrses ging rund the track.
③I quickly lse her track in the crwd.
④We set ff nce mre, ver a rugh muntain track.
⑤She has spent years trying t track dwn her parents.
2.答案 ①铁道 ②跑道 ③踪迹 ④小路 ⑤追查到
3.hnur n.荣誉;尊敬;荣幸 v.尊重;尊敬(某人);给予表扬(或奖励,头衔,称号)
①The stadium was named hnur f the club's first chairman.
②It's nt nly a great respnsibility but als great hnur t hld the Olympic Games.
③It's a great hnur (have) dinner with yu tnight.
④The university hnured the student with the special prize his academic excellence.
We held a party ⑤ hnur f the ld artist and the president hnured us ⑥ a persnal visit.
She said that she had the hnur ⑦ perfrming befre us and felt ⑧ t d it. It was an hnur ⑨ her.
3.答案 ①in ②a ③t have ④fr ⑤in ⑥with
⑦f ⑧hnured ⑨t
4.determinatin n.决心;决定
①He fught the illness with curage and (determine).
②He determined (rescue) his tw cuntrymen.
③I have determined wrking as a vlunteer teacher in the cuntryside after graduatin.
She made up her mind t g t cllege, and she ④ t learn English. Finally she was successful. S if yu ⑤ t d smething, d it with ⑥ .
4.答案 ①determinatin ②t rescue ③n ④determined
⑤determine/are determined ⑥determinatin
5.stress n.压力;紧张;重音 vt.强调;重读;使焦虑不安 vi.焦虑不安
①Things can easily g wrng when peple are stress.
②Parents place great stress scres.
③I was feeling very (stress) and tired.
④It was a very (stress) mment fr all.
The English teacher reading alud.
5.答案 ①under ②n ③stressed ④stressful
⑤stressed the imprtance f
1.cme alng 跟随,跟着来;到达;进步;赶快
①There is a lecture tnight and yu're welcme t cme alng.
②Yur French has cme alng a lt recently since yu imprved yur study methds.
③When the right pprtunity cmes alng, take it.
④Cme alng! We are already late.
⑤The plan came at the meeting.
⑥When is the new editin cming ?
⑦He's the best ppnent I've cme this seasn.
⑧Can yu tell me hw the accident came ?
1.答案 ①一起来 ②进步 ③到来 ④赶快 ⑤up
⑥ut ⑦acrss ⑧abut
2.wrk ut 锻炼;计算出;解决;制订出
①The famus actr keeps fit by wrking ut fr an hur every mrning.
②Neither the teacher nr his students knw hw t wrk ut the prblem.
③The area can be easily wrked ut if yu knw the length and the width.
④The research centre wrked ut a new plan and decided t carry it ut immediately.
2.答案 ①锻炼 ②解决 ③计算出 ④制订出
3.give up 放弃;投降
①The children were required t give their examinatin papers immediately.
②At the beginning, learning English seemed s difficult that I wanted t give withut even trying.
③Jane tried t keep up a calm appearance, but her trembling vice gave her .
④The rtting bananas are giving a bad smell, s yu'd better thrw them away.
⑤After tw days ur fd gave , and we had t return.
3.答案 ①in ②up ③away ④ff ⑤ut
sb./sth. seem t d sth.某人/某物似乎/好像做某事
①It seems he is fit fr the present jb.
②It seems difficult (remember) her phne number.
③It seems as ur team is ging t win.
④It seems that she desn't like the cat.
→She the cat.
答案 ①that ②t remember ③if ④desn't seem t like
In the field f sprts, there are sme famus living 1 (legend), such as Lang Ping and Michael Jrdan.
As a player, Lang Ping brught nt nly hnur but als glry t her cuntry. As 2 cach, she led the China wmen's vlleyball team t medals at wrld champinships as well as the Olympic Games. As a persn, she 3 (lve) by fans at hme and abrad. Befre the 2015 Wrld Cup, she faced a great challenge. That was 4 ne f the best players had 5 (injure) and the team captain had t leave because f heart prblems. Hwever, Lang Ping didn't lse heart and she led her vlleyball team 6 (win) the champinship.
Knwn as “Air Jrdan”, Jrdan changed basketball with his graceful mves and jumps. Jrdan's skills were 7 (impress), but the mental strength he shwed made him unique. The secret 8 his success is learning frm his 9 (fail). In life, Jrdan has learnt t share his success with thers. The Bys and Girls Club which he started in Chicag 10 (help) yung peple since 1996.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
1.legends 2.a 3.is lved 4.because 5.been injured 6.t win 7.impressive 8.t 9.failures 10.has been helping
1.在电视上看到你在比赛中获得一等奖,我非常高兴。(mre than;cmpetitin)
I'm t see yu wn first prize n TV.
2.看来你在比赛的最后几秒找到了获胜的方法。(It seemed that...)
t win in the final secnds f the game.
It did nt surprise me at all that yu were the winner.
4.正是你对生活的积极态度而不是好的机会让你梦想成真。(psitive;rather than;强调句型)
twards yur life the gd chance makes yur dream cme true.
As yu said in yur speech, .
6.每当你面对困难的时候,你永远不要失去信心,而且永远不要放弃。(lse heart;give up)
Whenever yu face difficulties, yu shuld never and never .
Ⅰ than delighted;in the cmpetitin
2.It seemed that yu fund a way
3.when the hst annunced
4.It is yur psitive attitude;rather than;that
5.failure is the mther f success
6.lse heart;give up

Ⅱ.One pssible versin:
I'm mre than delighted t see yu wn first prize in the cmpetitin n TV. It seemed that yu fund a way t win in the final secnds f the game, s it did nt surprise me at all when the hst annunced that yu were the winner. It is yur psitive attitude twards yur life rather than the gd chance that makes yur dream cme true. As yu said in yur speech, failure is the mther f success. Whenever yu face difficulties, yu shuld never lse heart and never give up.
I have recently begun my year abrad wrking as an English language teacher in Italy and fr my first lessn I was asked t prepare a speech abut my life in the UK. Then the students asked me questins t find ut mre and many f them asked, “D yu play any sprts?”, t which I replied, “Yes, I play netball.” Each time, they were astunded as nne f the students had heard f netball!
Netball is very ppular in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It is a team sprt which is similar t bth basketball and handball. There are seven players n each team. Players must thrw the ball t ne anther and the gal f the game is t pass the ball t the “Gal Shter” wh can thrw the ball int the net t scre a gal. Hwever, the key parts f netball are that yu cannt bunce(使。弹跳) the ball and yu cannt mve yur feet when yu have the ball. This is called the ftwrk rule and it can be quite difficult t learn fr yung children playing the game! A full match lasts fr ne hur and in a single match ften abut 100 gals are scred, which shws what a fast-paced and exciting game netball is!
Netball is usually played by wmen and girls. Hwever, at many universities, there are mixed netball leagues in which teams must have bth men and wmen players. In the UK, there are many different ways f trying t encurage peple t play netball. One such way is called “Back t Netball”,which encurages wmen wh have nt played netball since they were at schl t rediscver their lve fr the sprt! Walking netball is anther frm f the sprt aimed at lder wmen and thse wh want t exercise in a gentler way. S, why nt watch a vide f netball nline and then have a g fr yurself?
1.What des the underlined wrd “astunded” in Paragraph 1 prbably mean?
A.Wrried. B.Surprised.
C.Disappinted. D.Prud.
2.What is hard fr yung kids playing netball?
A.Thrwing the ball int the net.
B.Sticking t the end f the match.
C.Keeping still while passing the ball.
D.Thrwing the ball t anther persn.
3.Why is netball said t be an exciting game?
A.Many matches are held each year.
B.It has bth men and wmen players.
C.It can be played by peple f all ages.
D.Many gals can be scred during the game.
4.What is the last paragraph mainly abut?
A.The ppularity f netball.
B.The develpment f netball.
C.The different mixed netball leagues.
D.The ways t encurage peple t play netball.
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文。作者向我们介绍了一种在英国流行的运动——无挡板篮球。
1.B 词义猜测题。根据该词后面的内容“as nne f the students had heard f netball”可知,当作者提及这种运动时,学生们都很惊讶,不知道作者说的是什么。
2.C 细节理解题。根据第二段中的“ cannt mve yur feet when yu have the ball. This is called the ftwrk rule and it can be quite difficult t learn fr yung children playing the game!”可知,对于小孩子来说,最难掌握的技术就是拿到球后传球时,不能移动脚的位置。
3.D 细节理解题。根据第二段中的“A full match lasts fr ne hur and in a single match ften abut 100 gals are scred, which shws what a fast-paced and exciting game netball is!”可知,在一个小时内就能投进100个球,所以这是一项节奏很快且激动人心的运动。
4.D 主旨大意题。最后一段中的“there are many different ways f trying t encurage peple t play netball”体现了本段的主旨。
Fly a Kite
Learning hw t fly a kite is simple, and flying kites can be a fun frm f exercise.
Of curse, the first thing yu need is a kite and a ball f string(线). 1 Then wait fr a windy day.
When the perfect day arrives, find an pen space, such as a field. 2
Befre flying yur kite, find ut which way the wind is blwing. 3 T begin flying yur kite, stand with yur back t the wind and hld the kite up s the wind can catch it. If the day is nt very windy, yu may need t get yur kite started by running.
4 At the same time, walk backwards a few steps t keep the string tight(拉紧的). Nw that yur kite is up in the air, yu can decide hw lng t fly it and hw high yu want it t g.
5 Slwly wind(缠绕) the string. Try nt t pull yur kite t fast r it may crash(坠落).
Flying a kite is a great way t spend a windy afternn. If yu fllw these steps carefully, yu will have smething mre fun t d than sitting inside and watching TV. S n the next windy day, get up ff the sfa, and g t fly a kite!
A.Yu can d this by thrwing grass int the air.
B.Finally, yu will need t bring yur kite dwn.
C.Yu can buy yur kite and string at a ty shp.
D.Fllw the instructins t put yur kite tgether.
E.Nthing beats seeing a kite sail high int the cluds.
F.Dn't fly yur kite near trees because it can get caught.
G.Once the wind catches yur kite, let ut mre string s it can fly higher.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文。文章简单介绍了放风筝的几个步骤。
1.C 本空承接前一句“Of curse, the first thing yu need is a kite and a ball f string(线).”,说明了获得风筝和线的一种途径。
2.F F项说明选择放风筝的场所时的注意事项,与本空前一句内容相关。
3.A A项中的d this指本空前一句中的“find ut which way the wind is blwing”,说明判断风向的一种方法。
4.G G项承上启下,其中前半句承接上段使风筝起飞的内容,后半句引起下文,即如何使风筝飞得更高。
5.B B项中的“bring yur kite dwn”与下文“wind(缠绕) the string”以及“pull yur kite”意义一致。
When I was 13,I always fund myself in a small public library,reading fr hurs. I fund a paradise f silence where I culd 1 my inner self and find the 2 f ther wrlds.
When we mved t Flrida, the first thing I did was t 3 the public library fr the bks and the adventures. Luckily,I fund it!I remembered my 4 t read Llita—a rather adult nvel—and the lk the 5 gave when I brught it up t the checking desk. “Are yu sure yur mther wuld 6 ?” “Sure,”I said with 7 . The librarian called my hme t get permissin. I knew my mther wuld give it because the bks were her paradise as well.
Nwadays,after watching the current generatin f teens 8 in the waves f technlgy, I felt sure that the 9 bject wuld be a thing f the past which the virtual nline wrld had gradually 10 . I was cnvinced that bks wuld eventually gather dust n shelves.
But ne day in August,I 11 that my fears might be premature. A university hsted a cmpetitin fr teens wh 12 lcal libraries. Hundreds f yung peple enthusiastically 13 varius questins abut bks they had read. Imagine,an entire summer 14 when they culd have lazed with their electrnic devices. 15 ,they fllwed their imaginatins and devted themselves t the bks. What a relief!
B.review C.imagine D.explre
B.deals C.presents D.directins
fr B.adapt t C.run ver D.wait fr
B.chance C.desire D.pity
B.secretary C.librarian D.waiter
C.cnfirm D.understand
C.evaluatin D.affectin
B.stuck C.drwned D.abused
C.valuable D.successful
C.replaced D.vercme
C.nticed D.decided
in B.praised
C.wrked fr D.represented
dwn B.respnded t
C.helped ut D.registered fr
B.studying C.camping D.reading
C.Therefre D.Meanwhile
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。文章讲述了“我”从小喜欢在图书馆读书,而现在的青少年却沉迷于网络,所以“我”对纸质书籍的未来感到担忧。八月的一天,一所大学举办的关于书籍的比赛让“我”意识到人们还是喜欢读书的,“我”为此感到欣慰。
1.D 根据语境可知,“我”喜欢在图书馆读书,感受内心的宁静。结合第二段第一句中的“fr the bks and the adventures”可知,此处指“我”可以在这片净土上探索自我。explre意为“探索”,符合语境。故选D。
2.A 根据语境可知,此处指“发现其他世界的宝藏”。treasure意为“财宝,珍品”,符合语境。故选A。
3.A 根据语境和空格后一句中的“I fund it”可知,“我”搬到佛罗里达州后,做的第一件事就是去寻找公共图书馆。seek fr意为“寻找”,符合语境。故选A。
4.C 根据语境可知,此处指“我”特别想看《洛丽塔》这本小说。desire意为“渴望”,符合语境。故选C。
5.C 根据该段倒数第二句“The librarian called my hme t get permissin.”可知,此处指“我”把这本书拿到前台时图书管理员的表情。librarian意为“图书管理员”,符合语境。故选C。
6.B 根据语境和空格后的“The librarian called my hme t get permissin.”可知,此处指图书管理员问“我”,“我”妈妈同不同意“我”看这本书。apprve意为“同意,赞成”,符合语境。故选B。
7.A 根据空格前的“Sure”及下文中的“because the bks were her paradise as well”可知,此处指“我”自信地回答。cnfidence意为“自信”,符合语境。故选A。
8.B “我”发现现在的青少年都沉迷于网络世界。stuck意为“陷入的”,符合语境。故选B。
9.B 根据语境和该句中的“virtual nline wrld”可知,“我”确信这种有形的物体将会过时。physical意为“有形的,现实的,物质的”,符合语境。故选B。
10.C 虚拟的网络世界已经逐渐取代了实体的书。replace意为“代替,取代”,符合语境。故选C。
11.A 但是八月的某一天,“我”意识到“我”的忧虑可能为时过早。realize意为“意识到”,符合语境。故选A。
12.D 此处指一所大学为代表当地图书馆的青少年举办了一场比赛。represent意为“代表”,符合语境。故选D。
13.B 此处指数百名年轻人热情地回答了关于他们读过的书的各种各样的问题。respnd t意为“回答,响应”,符合语境。故选B。
14.D 根据语境并结合前面的读书比赛可知,此处指他们本可以懒散地玩电子产品,却花了整个暑假的时间读书。故选D。
15.A 根据空格前后语境可知,空格后面所表达的意思与前面相反,instead意为“反而”,符合语境。故选A。
It was the day befre Mther's Day. When I was busy 1 (d) my husewrk, I nticed the little Mther's Day gift that Tdd 2 (give) me many years befre. It was hard t believe it had been 25 years since Tdd, my ldest sn, died 3 a car accident. I was 4 (extreme) sad and it was difficult fr me 5 (escape) the pain.
I was lst in 6 (I) memries, “It wuld be nice t receive smething again frm Tdd n Mther's Day, Gd.” 7 I knew it was impssible t desire smething like that. I stpped thinking abut it and cntinued t d my husewrk. I was wrking in the garden when the 8 (think) came t me again.
Later that night, my husband Bill came back frm wrk. He walked in with 9 rse. He handed it t me and said it was frm Tdd! I 10 (shck)! In the past 25 years, n ne had ever given me smething and said it was frm Tdd. I knew Gd had heard and answered the desire in my heart.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。作者的大儿子多年前死于一场车祸。作者看着大儿子曾经送给自己的母亲节礼物,祈祷上帝能让她在今年的母亲节再收到大儿子的礼物。
1.ding be busy ding sth.忙着做某事。
2.had given 从句的动作发生在主句动作nticed之前,故用过去完成时。
3.f/frm/in 此处可理解为“死于一场车祸”,die f/frm...死于。。也可理解为“在一场车祸中死亡”,in a car accident在一场车祸中。故填f或frm或in。
4.extremely 副词修饰形容词sad。
5.t escape it is/was difficult fr sb. t d sth.某人做某事有困难。
6.my 名词前应用形容词性物主代词。
7.But 作者希望再次收到大儿子送给她的母亲节礼物,但是大儿子已经去世了,她知道自己的愿望不可能实现。空格处表示转折,且后面没有逗号,故填But。
8.thught 此处用名词作主语,thught表示“想法”。
9.a 此处表示一枝玫瑰花,rse以辅音音素开头,故填不定冠词a。
10.was shcked 主语是I, 表示“我被震惊了”,故填was shcked。
Dear Jhn,
I'm pleased t tell yu that an internatinal marathn will take place in ur city.

Li Hua
One pssible versin:
Dear Jhn,
I'm pleased t tell yu that an internatinal marathn will take place in ur city. I knw yu lve sprts and I'd like t invite yu t run it tgether with me.
The activity will be held n February 20 alng the newly-built Binhe Rad. It will start at 7:30 a.m. and end at 11:30 a.m., lasting fr fur hurs. The marathn is nt nly an activity fr exercising, but als fr entertaining. It wuld be great if yu culd cme.
I'm lking frward t hearing frm yu.
Li Hua
All sprts fr all peple.—Pierre de Cubertin
(1)fit adj.适合的;健康的;合格的
be fit fr适合
be fit t d适合做
keep fit=keep healthy保持健康
(2)fit vt.& vi.适合;(使)与。相称;安装
fit in with与。相适应;与。合得来
(1)in hnur f sb./sth.=in sb.'s/sth.'s hnur为向某人/某物表示敬意
be an hnur t sb./sth.是某人/某物的光荣
have the hnur f (ding) sth.得到某殊荣;有幸做某事
It is an hnur t d sth.做某事很荣幸
(2)hnur sb. with sth. fr sth.因某事授予某人某物
be/feel hnured t d sth.做某事感到荣幸
(1)with determinatin坚定地
(2)determine vt.决定;确定;查明
determine+that/wh-从句 决定。
determine t d sth.决心做某事
determine n/upn (ding) sth.决定(做)某事
(3)determined adj.有决心的
be determined t d sth.决心做某事
表示“决定做某事”的结构还有decide t d sth.,make up ne's mind t d sth.,make a decisin t d sth.等。
(1)under stress 在压力下
lay/place/put stress n强调
(2)stress that...强调。
(3)stressed adj.焦虑不安的;心力交瘁的
stressful adj.压力大的;紧张的
cme n加油;上场;得了吧
cme acrss(偶然)遇见,碰见
cme ut出现;出版
cme abut发生
cme up升起;被提及(无被动形式)
wrk at致力于;努力做
be at wrk在工作
ut f wrk失业
wrk ut作“解决;制订出”讲时,是及物动词短语,可以带宾语;作“锻炼”讲时,为不及物动词短语,没有被动形式。
give in屈服;投降;呈上;交上
give ff放出,发出(光,热,气味等)
give away赠送;分发;泄露
give ut用完;耗尽
(1)give in作“屈服,投降,让步”讲时,是不及物动词短语,后面常接介词t, give in t sb.表示“向某人屈服”,作“交上,呈上”讲时,是及物动词短语,give in sth. t sb.或give sth. in t sb.表示“把某物交给某人”。
(2)give up“放弃”,既可作不及物动词短语,也可作及物动词短语,用作及物动词短语时,后面常跟prn./n./ding sth.,表示“放弃(做)某事”。
In the final secnds f a game, Jrdan always seemed
t find a way t win.
(3)seem t d/be ding/have dne好像要做/在做/已经做了。
(4)It seems as if...看样子好像。
(5)There seems t be...好像有。
(1)seem t be ding表示不定式的动作和seem同时发生。
He seems t be ding his hmewrk.他好像正在做家庭作业。
(2)seem t d表示不定式的动作发生在seem之后。
It seems t rain.好像要下雨了。
(3)seem t have dne表示不定式的动作发生在seem之前。
She seems t have finished her hmewrk.她好像做完了她的家庭作业。

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