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这是一份2020年云南省昆明市高考一模英语试卷(含解析),共12页。试卷主要包含了 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;, 【答案】, 【答案】第一句等内容,欢迎下载使用。

KALW On-Air Flk Festival Sat. May 16
Jin us n Saturday May 16th frm 3:00 t 6:00 p.m. fr ver three hurs f cntinuus live music. The Flk Festival is presented by KALW's music hsts J Ann Mar, Kevin Vance, and Peter Thmpsn. Here's the line-up:
3:00 p.m.
Briana di Mara is a vilinist wh perfrms in a wide variety f traditinal styles including Celtic, Balkan, Turkish and Arabic. She'll be playing sngs frm her first recrding Haven.
3:45 p.m.
Paper Wings is the du (搭档) f Emily Mann and Wilhelmina Frankzerda, tw yung famus musicians, harmnizing tgether n sngs inspired by ld-time and traditinal styles. We'll hear them perfrm sngs frm their new upcming release Clementine.
4:15 p.m.
Mik Marks is an enthusiastic singer. At the start f her career, she was praised as a ht new artist "breaking the sund barriers in music" by the magazine Ebny. Mik gt a standing welcme last year at the Freight's 50th anniversary cncert in frnt f a full huse.
5:00 p.m.
Mkai plays riginal cuntry music. Accmpanying himself n fingerstyle guitar, he tells ld stries and rhymes freely. He mixes the strange and beautiful int traditinal perfrmances thrugh his sngs.
5:30 p.m.
The Wildcat Muntain Rambers are a bluegrass band based in the Santa Cruz Muntains. Chad Jhnsn, Mark Wardenburg, Rbert Crnelius, Suzanne Suwanda, and Alex Mayers will be previewing their upcming appearances at the Brkdale Bluegrass Festival.
6:00 p.m.
Frest Sun returns t KALW. His hme is in the Bay Area and arund the wrld. A secnd-generatin flkie, he cmes frm the schl f D-It-Yurself, writing his wn sngs, recrding and releasing his wrk, giving glbal perfrmances, and gaining a fllwing.
(1) When can we enjy the sngs frm Clementine?
A.At 3:00 p.m.B.At 3:45 p.m.C.At 4:15 p.m.D.At 5:30 p.m.
(2) Wh favrs the cuntry music lvers?
A.Briana di Mara.B.Mik Marks.
C.Mkai.D.Alex Mayers.
(3) What d we knw abut Frest Sun?
A.He has tured the wrld.B.He is n a bluegrass band.
C.He was praised by Ebny.D.He perfrms mdern sngs.
I was sitting in an airprt when a wman behind me asked, "What's the best gift yu've ever gt?" I clsed the magazine I'd paid t much fr and listened fr an answer. "Yu mean like, the best birthday present?" a yung man said, "Prbably the gld cin I gt fr graduatin."
I threw my magazine nt a neighbring chair and thught abut the questin. What's the best gift I've ever gt? Gd health aside, when it cmes t material bjects, fr me the answer is easy. It was a high schl graduatin present, gift-wrapped and hand-delivered by my grandfather. He handed it t me and said, "Stay clse t the land. Dn't be afraid t dig in and get a little dirt n yu."
That fall, I went ff t cllege and that shiny new green-handled spade with the silver blade (刀刃) hung untuched n the wall in my parents' garage. A few years later, I had my wn family and that graduatin spade made its way frm my flks' garage int my wn. I dug gardens, planted trees, rses and bushes. The spade was nthing but a tl.
The years rlled by. The spade has lst sme f its clr and I've added sme gray, but I still dig hard int the earth, mre ften than ever. It's mre than a trusted wrkut partner. It's a reminder f my family, ne prudly rted in agriculture. It's a useful tl with a memrable message abut staying clse t the earth. Priceless!
A few mnths frm nw, my daughter will finish graduate schl, and she has already had a jb waiting in anther city. She's knwledge-rich but cash-pr, and thugh she's expecting nthing frm me, I have smething valuable t give her befre she mves away. It'll be wrapped f curse, and it'll be wrth the weight in gld.
(1) Why did the authr mentin his experience in the airprt?
A.T cmpare his gift with the man's.
B.T intrduce the tpic f the text.
C.T recall his graduatin ceremny.
D.T share his way f killing time.
(2) Hw was the spade dealt with at first?
A.It was hung n the wall.B.It was sld fr gld cins.
C.It was used t plant trees.D.It was wrapped withut tuch.
(3) What des the authr cnsider the spade?
A.A practical garden tl.B.An rdinary wrkut partner.
C.A very precius present.D.A reminder f his schl life.
(4) What can we infer frm the text?
A.The family makes a living by farming.
B.The spade is kept in the garage at present.
C.The authr gradually changed his attitude t life.
D.The spade will be passed dwn t the next generatin.
Running after fireflies (萤火虫) n a warm summer night might becme a rare childhd memry if humans dn't take actin. There are ver 2,000 different firefly species arund the wrld, but their ppulatins are decreasing due t artificial light pllutin, pesticides (杀虫剂) and smaller habitat size.
A team f Tufts University-led researchers surveyed scientists and cnservatinists abut the threats t firefly ppulatins arund the wrld. Accrding t the study, ne f the main threats t fireflies in East Asia and Suth America is artificial light. Fireflies light up t attract mates, but they can easily mistake human-made lights as ptential partners. Adult fireflies typically live nly a few days, which desn't give them lng t find a mate.
Humans' destrying the insects' natural habitats creates anther threat. During their larval phase (幼虫期), Malaysian fireflies live in riverside bushes that are ften pulled ut fr human-made fish farms. In Eurpe, Lampyris fireflies are finding less fd t eat due t the grwing urbanizatin f what were nce wds and farmlands. In Malaysia, adult pterptyx fireflies that usually prefer t mate in specific trees next t rivers have t find new mating areas because the trees are being kncked dwn fr farmhuses.
The study als lked at the effects f climate change, turism, invasive (侵入的) species and water pllutin. On a psitive nte, while fireflies arund the wrld seem t be suffering frm the previusly mentined issues, Big Dipper fireflies living in the US happen t be bming. "Thse guys can survive pretty much anywhere," said Sara Lewis, a bilgist frm Tufts University.
The study urges cuntries where firefly ppulatins are dwindling t take measures t preserve suitable habitats, lessen light pllutin, reduce use f pesticides and develp better guidelines fr turism arund knwn firefly areas.
(1) What mainly causes the drp f the firefly ppulatin in East Asia?
A.Light pllutin.B.Habitat lss.
C.Climate change.D.Fd shrtage.
(2) Which f the fllwing is mre likely t adapt t the envirnment?
A.The Malaysian firefly.B.The Lampyris firefly.
C.The Pterptyx firefly.D.The Big Dipper firefly.
(3) What des the underlined wrd "dwindling" in paragraph 5 mean?
A.n the riseB.n the decrease
C.under cntrlD.ut f cntrl
(4) What des the text mainly talk abut?
A.Watching fireflies is a rare childhd memry.
B.Cperatin is the key t firefly prtectin.
C.Urbanizatin becmes a main threat t fireflies.
D.Human activities lead t less firefly ppulatin.
Swiss researchers have develped a machine that can keep human livers (肝脏) alive utside f the bdy fr ne week. At present, technlgy and methds are nly able t keep human livers alive fr up t 24 hurs. The new machine is able t keep the liver active by perfrming several functins nrmally carried ut by the human bdy.
Scientists frm the University f Zurich in Switzerland develped the machine. The researchers say the purpse f their "Liver4Life" machine is t perfrm what they call liver perfusin (灌注) peratins utside f the human bdy. Perfusin is the prcess by which bld r ther fluids are pumped thrugh rgans and tissue. The machine keeps the liver at the right temperature and mves it in a way that wuld be natural in the bdy. It uses a pump t fill the liver with bld acting like a replacement fr a human heart. The machine als prvides xygen t the rgan, cntrls red bld cell levels and remves waste.
The research team began their experiments using livers frm pigs. After repeated testing and engineering develpment, the team said it was able t get the pig livers t survive fr seven days with supprt nly prvided frm the Liver4Life machine.
They als discvered that the system can wrk t repair damaged livers. In ne test, the team cnnected the machine t 10 injured human livers that had been rejected fr transplantatin by all Eurpean medical centers. After seven days f perfusin treatment frm the machine, six f the human livers fully regained imprtant liver functins, the researchers reprted.
The success f this unique perfusin system, develped ver a fur-year perid by a grup f surgens, bilgists and engineers, clears the way fr many new applicatins in transplantatin and cancer medicine, helping patients with n liver grafts (移植) available.
(1) Hw des the machine keep the liver active?
A.By pumping t fill it with kinds f medicine.
B.By balancing the temperature f the bdy.
C.By prviding bld fr the liver like a heart.
D.By cntrlling its white bld cell levels.
(2) What d we knw abut the system?
A.It tk researchers fur perids t invent it.
B.It is designed t repair damaged livers.
C.It's pssible that it may have a bright future.
D.It needs mre evidence t prve its functins.
(3) In which sectin f a newspaper may the text appear?
(4) What's the best title fr the text?
A.New Machine Keeps Livers Alive fr Full Week
B.Ways t Cure Liver Diseases Have Been Fund
C.Animals are Used t D Experiments in Switzerland
D.Six Human Livers Fully Regained Their Functins
Five Ways t Reduce Fd Waste
● Plan Ahead
Befre yu head ut fr yur weekly shp, create a meal plan fr the week. Think abut what yu are ging t ck each day and hw yu are ging t use the leftvers. , make a shpping list and mst imprtantly, stick t it!
● Shp Smart
Shpping smart may sund simple, but it is an imprtant way t reduce fd waste. When yu g fd shpping, avid verbuying as this can lead t thrwing fd away. . It may als be useful t take a pht f yur fridge and cupbards t remind yu f what yu already have.

When purchasing fresh fd prducts, be sure t check the use-by dates t make yu have enugh time t use it and avid any waste. If a prduct is labelled "best befre", it is a guideline and is abut quality, nt safety. The fd will be safe t eat but may nt be at its best.
● Freeze Yur Leftvers
When yu ck a big meal, make sure t save the leftvers and eat them at a later date. Yu shuld label yur leftvers s yu can keep track f hw lng they've been in yur fridge. .
● Get Smart with Strage
. Fr example, fruit shuld be stred in the fridge, except bananas and pineapples. It will extend its life and make it fresh and crisp fr snacking n. And ptates and nins are nt friends, as they prduce gases which spil each ther. Bth shuld be stred separately in cl, dry, dark places.
A.Check Use-By Dates
B.Avid Wasting Fd
C.Once yu have planned yur meals
D.If yu want t stre fruits and vegetables
E.String yur fd in the right way can extend its life
F.It means shpping mre ften and buying less each time
G.Adding them t yur daily meal plans saves yurself time and mney
A.Check Use-By Dates
B.Avid Wasting Fd
C.Once yu have planned yur meals
D.If yu want t stre fruits and vegetables
E.String yur fd in the right way can extend its life
F.It means shpping mre ften and buying less each time
G.Adding them t yur daily meal plans saves yurself time and mney
A.Check Use-By Dates
B.Avid Wasting Fd
C.Once yu have planned yur meals
D.If yu want t stre fruits and vegetables
E.String yur fd in the right way can extend its life
F.It means shpping mre ften and buying less each time
G.Adding them t yur daily meal plans saves yurself time and mney
A.Check Use-By Dates
B.Avid Wasting Fd
C.Once yu have planned yur meals
D.If yu want t stre fruits and vegetables
E.String yur fd in the right way can extend its life
F.It means shpping mre ften and buying less each time
G.Adding them t yur daily meal plans saves yurself time and mney
A.Check Use-By Dates
B.Avid Wasting Fd
C.Once yu have planned yur meals
D.If yu want t stre fruits and vegetables
E.String yur fd in the right way can extend its life
F.It means shpping mre ften and buying less each time
G.Adding them t yur daily meal plans saves yurself time and mney
When Tm saw his father's hair turn gray vernight after a deadly accident during a surgery his father perfrmed in 1993, he decided t never medical schl. Hwever, tday, Tm is an anesthesilgist (麻醉师) at a famus hspital.
In 2019, the 20th year since he the field, Tm wrte a letter t his father, wh passed away ver tw decades ag. The sn recalled his dad's final . "Althugh there are s many , I hpe yu becme an anesthesilgist." Tm's father tld him, "Surgens can't withut anesthesilgists. The risk f anesthesia is high, and n ne wants t d it. Yu are my sn. I hpe yu can carry this with curage."
In the letter, Tm recalls several events that bth f their careers. As a skillful surgen, his father high praise frm his patients. But tw deadly medical incidents his life. Tm als tw events when his patients nearly died during surgery. Thanks t in the field, bth were saved. He wnders if technlgy culd have saved his father's patients and if he might have been mre t enter medical schl. The 45-year-ld's biggest is that he culd nt wrk alngside his father. " , imprved anesthesilgy means the distance between us as father and sn is a little mre," Tm writes in the letter.
The letter him the 2019 Wakley-Wu Lien Teh Prize, which aims t give a t dctrs t tell their wn stries and their cncerns. The Lancet, ne f the wrld's leading medical jurnals, cmments that Tm's essay shws a vice t tell clinical truths that infrm and encurage.
A.lk frB.apply frC.pay frD.wait fr
Many adults advise children nt t clr n clthing. , Rebecca Bnner frm Texas nt nly encuraged her students t draw n her dress, but she als wre it—twice t display children's artwrk.
As an art teacher at McAuliffe Elementary Schl, she said she (simple) gt the inspiratin fr her dress frm a chat with anther art teacher. Bnner's students (allw) t paint using Sharpies and fabric markers n a plain white dress she bught nline.
"My kids lved taking part in (design) my dress. We talked abut hw t respect each ther's artwrk. I was fnd watching my kids design it." She said the purpse f the dress was t build (excite) abut art.
Phts f her dress gained ppularity sn after Bnner's daughter psted (they) nline. "I'm nt really sure hw it became knwn by s many peple," Bnner said.
Bnner is s creative mst f the cmments n the pst are frm cllege age (student) wh want t be teachers like her. She als said she was pleased (play) a small rle in inspiring future leaders and creatrs.
(1) ?
(2) ?
(3) ?
(4) ?
(6) ?
(7) ?
(8) ?
(9) ?
(10) ?
假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加,删除或修改。
1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。
Online learning prvides a excellent chice fr us students wh are unable t attend classes during regularly hurs. It meets yur needs with a teacher n the scheduled time. Cnnecting the Internet, we can take nline curses n equipments such as mbile phnes. It is als f great use t thse whm wuld like t take additinal lessns. The distance educatin ffer a platfrm f cmmunicatin t bth teachers and students participated in curses. Even if we dn't have time t sit at a desk, and we can learn cnveniently. When we had a prblem, we can easily wrk it with the help f the teachers nline.
1. 活动目的;
2. 征文情况。
1. 词数 100 左右;
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

1. 【答案】
(1) B
(2) C
(3) A
【知识点】细节理解,文化活动(Cultural events)
2. 【答案】
(1) B
(2) A
(3) C
(4) D
【知识点】细节理解,个人经历 (Persnal experiences),推理判断
3. 【答案】
(1) A
(2) D
(3) B
(4) D
4. 【答案】
(1) C
(2) C
(3) D
(4) A
【知识点】最佳标题,最近的发明,医疗发展,科技的发展等(Recent inventins,medical advances,technlgical advances,etc.),细节理解,推理判断
5. 【答案】
(1) C
(2) F
(3) A
(4) G
(5) E
【知识点】推理判断,饮食(Eating )
6. 【答案】
(1) B
(2) C
(3) A
(4) D
(5) A
(6) C
(7) B
(8) C
(9) D
(10) B
(11) C
(12) D
(13) C
(14) B
(15) A
(16) D
(17) C
(18) A
(19) B
(20) A
【知识点】enter,express (v.),个人经历 (Persnal experiences),burden,regret (n.),change (v.),advance (n.),pwerful,disappear,wrd (n.),win (wn, wn),willing,difficulty,frtunately,wrk (v.),experience (v.),receive,vice,shape (v.),cntemprary
7. 【答案】
(1) Hwever
(2) simply
(3) were allwed
(4) designing
(5) f
(6) excitement
(7) them
(8) that
(9) students
(10) t play
【知识点】作宾语,s+形容词/副词+that...,hwever (ad.),表示原因,修饰动词,excitement,一般情况,simply,was/were+过去分词,-ment,以ly结尾的副词,them
8. 【答案】第一句:a 改为 an;第一句:regularly 改为 regular;第二句:yur 改为 ur;第三句:equipments 改为 equipment;第四句:whm 改为 wh;第五句:ffer 改为 ffers;第五句:participated 改为 participating;第六句:and 去掉;第七句:had 改为 have;第七句:it 与 with 之间插入 ut
【知识点】单数主语,不可数名词,单个动词不定式,动名词短语,以及句子做主语,客观真理,客观存在,科学事实,一般事实,equipment,教育话题(Educatinal tpics),作定语,元音音素前用an,辅音音素前用a,regular,wh/whm,ur
9. 【答案】A pssible versin
This week ur schl held an essay cntest whse theme is prtecting wild animals. The purpse f this activity is t raise students' awareness f caring fr wild animals, especially endangered nes.
The activity attracted a number f students. A ttal f 300 articles were received, all f which were submitted thrugh the Internet. There are different styles f essays, including nvels, pems, and letters. Sme students expressed their great cncern fr the situatin f wild animals, and thers put frward a wide variety f measures t prtect them.
The students have cme t realize the imprtance f prtecting wild animals thrugh the activity.

2021年山东省济南市高考英语一模试卷(含解析): 这是一份2021年山东省济南市高考英语一模试卷(含解析),共26页。试卷主要包含了答题前填写好自己的姓名,请将答案正确填写在答题卡上等内容,欢迎下载使用。

2019年云南省昆明市一模英语试卷及答案: 这是一份2019年云南省昆明市一模英语试卷及答案,共7页。

2020年云南省昆明市高考二模英语试卷(含解析): 这是一份2020年云南省昆明市高考二模英语试卷(含解析),共12页。试卷主要包含了 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;, 【答案】, 【答案】第一句等内容,欢迎下载使用。






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