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这是一份2020年云南省昆明市高考二模英语试卷(含解析),共12页。试卷主要包含了 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;, 【答案】, 【答案】第一句等内容,欢迎下载使用。

Teens' Activities: Take a Lk at Sme Bks
Type 1: Read abut a real persn
Classic: The Little Huse n the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder ffers a cl view f frntier life. But it might als make yu think abut hw the Ingalls family and peple they knew treated American Indians.
New: Yu might remember reading in KidzBuzz abut Hilde Lysiak, a girl wh started her wn newspaper in her Pennsylvania twn. Nw, she's helping t write bks abut a yung reprter like herself in the Hilde Cracks the Case series.
Type 2: Enter a new wrld
Classic: The Chrnicles f Narnia series by C.S. Lewis is abut brthers wh find a strange land inside a cupbard and have adventures they never culd have dreamed up.
New: The Htel Between by Sean Easley tells the stry f a by named Cam wh discvers a magical htel with drs that pen t cuntries all ver the wrld. The htel has many secrets, but it als teaches things Cam never thught he had learned!
Type 3: Get fears
Classic: Chances are yur parents read R L. Stine's Gsebumps series when they were yunger. These scary stries are all abut kids wh find themselves fighting scary mnsters and aliens.
New: The Stitchers by Lrien Lawrence is the frightening tale abut a girl named Quinn wh knws there's smething strange abut her neighbrs. Will she find the answer befre they find her?
Type 4: Manage issues like bullying (欺凌)
Classic: Blubber by Judy Blume tells the stry f a girl wh is bullied fr being verweight, and the girls wh culd help but decide instead t jin in.
New: Nt all bullying happens by classmates at schl. Alan Cle Is Nt a Cward by Eric Bell is the stry f a by wh has a secret and will d anything t keep his mean brther frm spilling the beans.
(1) Wh is mst likely t write real-life stries?
A.Laura Ingalls Wilder.B.C. S. Lewis.
C.R. L. Stine.D.Judy Blume.
(2) Which f the fllwing belngs t a hrrible series?
A.Blubber.B.The Chrnicles f Narnia.
C.Gsebumps.D.Little Huse n the Prairie.
(3) What d the fur types f bks have in cmmn?
A.Each ffers readers tw chices.
B.Each tells readers a secret stry.
C.Each classic bk cntains a series.
D.Each talks readers int buying ne.
Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, 17, remembers the questin that tk her frm the life f a regular high schl student t the center f Hllywd. "Why nt me?" she asked herself when she saw an pen casting call fr Mindy Kaling's cming-f-age cmedy series Never Have I Ever. It was a gd questin, and cincidentally, als the name f Kaling's 2015 bigraphy.
Despite having n prfessinal acting experience, Ramakrishnan gt the jb. The yung actress plays a character named Devi whse life stry is inspired by Kaling's wn. Ramakrishnan credits her best friend fr helping her stay cnfident thrughut the auditin (试演) prcess. She filmed an auditin vide and submitted it. Abut ne mnth later, she gt a phne call frm Kaling and screenwriter Lang Fisher. "They tld me that I gt the rle," Ramakrishnan said. "I was in cmplete shck. I just kept saying, 'My life is cmpletely ging t change.'"
As a wman f clr starring in a Netflix series, Ramakrishnan was hnred as a Grundbreaker fr Internatinal Day f the girl in 2019. Her persnal rle mdels, including her high schl drama teacher as well as varius wmen in Hllywd, have played a big rle in creating her wrld view. "My high schl drama teacher is always pushing me t try new things," the teen said. "She encuraged me t try ut fr plays and take risks, which nw I'm knwn fr."
The surreal experience taught her a life lessn she thinks applies t anyne. When asked hw she hpes her rle will influence thers, she replied, "I hpe it passes this n—the 'why nt me?' Why can't I just g ut and d what makes me happy? D what makes me feel great and cnfident?"
Clearly, it's wrking.
(1) What made Ramakrishnan successfully get the jb?
A.Her acting experience.B.Influence f her friend.
C.Her lasting cnfidence.D.Inspiratin frm Kaling.
(2) Hw des Ramakrishnan sund twards her drama teacher?
(3) What des the underlined wrd "surreal" in paragraph 4 mean?
(4) What des the text mainly talk abut?
A.A cmedy named Never Have I Ever.
B.A girl starring in a new Netflix shw.
C.A phne call that makes a superstar.
D.A questin that changes a girl's life.
At a Dalkmm Cffee shp in Seul, a rbt takes rders frm yu thrugh a mbile app r a tuch screen and then makes fresh cffee. Cffee is just ne f the many industries that use autmated (自动化的) services in this technlgically frward-thinking natin. Others include restaurants, fd stres, banks and manufacturers. The develpment cmes as many Kreans, especially the yung, are struggling t find wrk.
Just this week, wrkers wh perate abut 2,500 large cranes (吊车) at building sites went n strike. They were against the grwing use f rbtic small cranes fr building. Other labr unins als have ppsed the use f autmated devices instead f human wrkers at Emart, Suth Krea's biggest fd stre grup.
Krean fficials als changed plans t cmpletely autmate the natin's rad fee cllectin system. They acted after receiving blame fr cutting 6,700 jbs. Instead, the system will be partly autmated and keep all its existing human fee cllectrs.
Suth Krea had the highest percentage f rbts t human wrkers in the wrld in 2017. The Internatinal Federatin f Rbtics says Suth Krea has 710 rbts fr every 10,000 manufacturing wrkers. The internatinal average is 85 rbts per 10,000 emplyees.
Suth Krea's lwest permitted wrker wage has increased by 27.3% ver the last tw years. This has led mre businesses t cut labr csts by using autmatin, says Suh Yng Gu f the Business Schl at Skmyung Wmen's University in Seul.
Even with the jb lsses, Suth Krea's businesses are replacing emplyees with autmatin and yung peple are welcming the change. Suh said, "Nwadays, Millennials—thse wh were brn after 1980—are prime cnsumers. This generatin tends nt t like meeting ther peple, s they favr technlgy that enables peple t minimize face-t-face interactins."
(1) Why did cnstructin wrkers g n strike this week?
A.6,700 wrkers had been ut f wrk.
B.They feared being replaced by rbts.
C.Their wages were cut dwn by 27.3%.
D.Their demand fr a pay rise was refused.
(2) What d we knw abut the yung generatin in Suth Krea?
A.They're less cmpetitive in mdern wrld.
B.They're victims f mdern high technlgy.
C.They're unwilling t cmmunicate face t face.
D.They're strngly against the use f autmatin.
(3) What can we infer frm the text?
A.Suth Krea prduced the mst rbts in 2017.
B.Human fee cllectrs are partly replaced by rbts.
C.Rbts have taken the place f humans in building.
D.It's still cntrversial t make full use f rbts.
(4) What is the best title fr the text?
A.Rbts Made Their First Appearance in Cafés
B.Kreans Are Ready fr Challenges frm Rbts
C.Autmatin: A Duble-edged Swrd in Jb Market
D.Suth Krea: A Leading Cuntry in Technlgy
When ur Scttish puppy (幼犬) reached dggie adlescence, she suddenly stpped beying my cmmands. Our dg trainer advised us t stp wrrying. "She's a teenager," she said. "She'll grw ut f it." Nw, a new study is backing that up: Dgs experience an extremely sensitive perid at the beginning f adlescence that makes them act ut, just like human teenagers.
T see exactly hw adlescence changes dg behavir, the researchers mnitred 70 female German shepherds raised as ptential guide dgs. They asked caregivers t scre the puppies n their attachment and attentin-seeking behavirs, such as sitting very clse t their wner r displaying a particularly strng bnd fr ne persn.
Dgs with high scres n either scale entered adlescence earlier—at abut 5 mnths, cmpared with 8 mnths fr thse with lwer scres. Varius reasns cause human teenage girls with pr parental relatinships t als enter adlescence at a yunger age. Thus, similar t humans, dgs that have tense relatinships with their caregivers see changes in their reprductive develpment.
T test bedience (顺从), the scientists assessed a separate grup f 69 guide dgs, first at 5 mnths and later at 8 mnths. They asked the dg's caregiver and a stranger t give the cmmand t "sit". All f the preadlescent puppies quickly sat fr bth peple, but when the same puppies reached adlescence, many "repeatedly" refused t fllw the rder frm their caregiver. Hwever, they readily and annyingly beyed the stranger. Dgs that weren't securely attached t their caregivers were even mre willing t fllw the stranger's cmmands—again, much like human teenagers.
Because f the similarities between adlescent puppies and humans, dgs culd serve as a mdel species fr studying adlescence in humans, the scientists say. And n a mre practical nte, the temprary nature f dg disbedience might make us wrry less when ur puppies suddenly get minds f their wn.
(1) What makes the Scttish puppy disbey its wner?
A.Its being treated badly.B.Its naughty nature.
C.Its relatin with the wner.D.Its being adlescent.
(2) What d the scres in the study suggest?
A.Higher scres prbably mean earlier adlescence.
B.The lwer the scre, the tenser the relatinship.
C.A puppy with a lwer scre culd be a guide dg.
D.A girl scring higher gets n well with her parents.
(3) What is the result f the bedience test?
A.Human teens have a strng bnd with puppies.
B.Puppies enter adlescence at the age f 5 mnths.
C.The 69 guide dgs can understand caregivers well.
D.Adlescent dgs withut enugh care prefer t fllw the stranger.
(4) What's the ptential significance f the study?
A.T understand yur dg's behavir.
B.T better study human adlescence.
C.T shw the prcess f a research.
D.T help pet wners slve a puzzle.
Music is ne f the greatest creatins f humans. . Life withut music wuld be ttally empty. The images that music is able t create are amazing. Music has the ability t take us back in time. It lets us revisit lst and frgtten mments in life. Music can paint a picture. Music can be described accrding t ne's feelings twards it. . Early in the mrning, birds wake peple up with their sweet tunes.
Music really matters in life. It tuches the sul and als helps peple express their unspken desires and beliefs. . We see peple walking arund with earphnes, listening t music as they mve.
. It is a cmmn characteristic f nearly all living creatures. The mment musical ntes sftly enter ur ears, they tuch us. There is evidence that even animals respnd t meldius tunes f an instrument. Cws wuld respnd t the sund f Krishna's flute (长笛).
Music has unlimited pwers. It has calming and healing pwer. Music helps us t relax. Music can relax tense muscles. .
Music brings peple tgether and gives them mre hpe emtinally. Fr that reasn, music can easily be used as an instrument f peace.
A.Music never grws ld
B.This is the rigin f music
C.It is a very pwerful tl in ur lives
D.Nwadays music has becme part f life
E.It can als help the mental state f a persn
F.Lve fr music is nt a tendency f human beings nly
G.Music can als be regarded as sunds in different patterns
A.Music never grws ld
B.This is the rigin f music
C.It is a very pwerful tl in ur lives
D.Nwadays music has becme part f life
E.It can als help the mental state f a persn
F.Lve fr music is nt a tendency f human beings nly
G.Music can als be regarded as sunds in different patterns
A.Music never grws ld
B.This is the rigin f music
C.It is a very pwerful tl in ur lives
D.Nwadays music has becme part f life
E.It can als help the mental state f a persn
F.Lve fr music is nt a tendency f human beings nly
G.Music can als be regarded as sunds in different patterns
A.Music never grws ld
B.This is the rigin f music
C.It is a very pwerful tl in ur lives
D.Nwadays music has becme part f life
E.It can als help the mental state f a persn
F.Lve fr music is nt a tendency f human beings nly
G.Music can als be regarded as sunds in different patterns
A.Music never grws ld
B.This is the rigin f music
C.It is a very pwerful tl in ur lives
D.Nwadays music has becme part f life
E.It can als help the mental state f a persn
F.Lve fr music is nt a tendency f human beings nly
G.Music can als be regarded as sunds in different patterns
When I was in middle schl, I tk a cmputer curse at a public library. When my mther me up after wrk, I tld her , "I made a new friend." Her name is Ethel, an elderly wman taking the class t the skills t cmmunicate with friends using the .
Thrughut the sessin, we enjyed each ther's —I felt grwn-up and by this wman wh was by my typing skills. And she, I imagine, felt pleased that a(n) persn tk an interest in her wh was learning smething .
Since that experience, I have been drawn t intergeneratinal . Nw that I'm lder, I get t grw in bth , frm starting a cnversatin with an lder persn beside me at cmmunity services, t a 9-year-ld girl abut her hbby.
There are many benefits f develping friendships acrss lines. The yunger persn can learn frm the attitude and f the lder persn, wh has ften "been there, dne that". They might als gain a mre attitude t aging by spending time with thse wh are their life with energy and ptimism. Feelings f lneliness are cmmn amng lder peple, and the f a new friend is a psitive cmfrt. The lder persn might als get the t learn and use new skills in technlgy and cmmunicatin.
We have s much t each ther. When we pen ur hearts t friends f different ages, we will exactly hw much we have t learn and teach.
A.find utB.set dwnC.take inD.make up
Because f Richard Sears' enthusiasm fr (traditin) Chinese culture, he began learning Chinese in 1972. (attract) by the ancient language, Sears ften went back and frth between China and America. In 1994, after his recvery frm a severe heart attack, he made a (decide) t make the ancient Chinese characters, Jiaguwen, available nline.
Frm then n, Sears started prgramming and building a database f Jiaguwen. tk him seven years t scan the characters in Chinese ancient bks. In 2002, the Jiaguwen enthusiast's website (create), thugh with nly a few page views per day in the beginning. It rse t 600,000 per day in 2011 after a blgger recmmended the site a Chinese scial media platfrm. "I became famus (instant) and was given a nickname 'Uncle Hanzi,'" Sears said with a smile. Up till nw, the website has been cntinuusly updated, gives lvers f the ancient language frm all ver the wrld free access t brwse (浏览) in their free time.
At present, the 70-year-ld American has made his hme in China. Apart frm (take) part in sme scial (activity), Sears devtes all his effrts t the study f Chinese characters.
(2) ?
(3) ?
(4) ?
(5) ?
(7) ?
(8) ?
(9) ?
(10) ?
假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加,删除或修改。
1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。
Lucy, the 5th grader, has a lve f writing letters. She wrte t her mailman t express her thanks in last week. "Dug, yu may knw me as a persn wh wrte lts f letters and decrates the envelpes t. I want thank yu fr taking my letters and delivering it. I make peple happily with my letters, but yu d t," Lucy wrte.
The next day, Lucy gt a letter frm Dug thanking her fr recgnizing which he had dne and the imprtances f his jb. Feeling mved and inspiring, Dug shared Lucy's letter nline. It received mre than 200,000 likes.
1. 具体的时间,地点;
2. 注意事项。
1. 词数 100 左右;
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。
1. 【答案】
(1) A
(2) C
(3) A
【知识点】文学和艺术的形式(Frms f literature and art),细节理解,推理判断
2. 【答案】
(1) C
(2) B
(3) B
(4) D
【知识点】个人经历 (Persnal experiences),猜测词义,细节理解,推理判断,主旨大意
3. 【答案】
(1) B
(2) C
(3) D
(4) C
【知识点】经济话题 (Ecnmic tpics),细节理解,最佳标题,推理判断
4. 【答案】
(1) D
(2) A
(3) D
(4) B
【知识点】细节理解,推理判断,最近的发明,医疗发展,科技的发展等(Recent inventins,medical advances,technlgical advances,etc.)
5. 【答案】
(1) C
(2) G
(3) D
(4) F
(5) E
【知识点】音乐与舞蹈(Music and dance),推理判断
6. 【答案】
(1) C
(2) A
(3) B
(4) D
(5) B
(6) D
(7) C
(8) A
(9) B
(10) C
(11) D
(12) B
(13) D
(14) A
(15) C
(16) A
(17) C
(18) B
(19) D
(20) A
【知识点】excitedly,psitive,pprtunity,live (v.),ask,learn(learnt,learnt或-ed,-ed),yung,pick,generatin,phne=telephne (v.),friendship,new,experience (n.),value (v.),directin,attentin,ffer (v.),impress,cmpany,朋友(Friends)
7. 【答案】
(1) traditinal
(2) Attracted
(3) decisin
(4) It
(5) was created
(6) n;by;thrugh
(7) instantly
(8) which
(9) taking
(10) activities
8. 【答案】第一句:the 改为 a;第二句:去掉 in;第三句:wrte 改为 writes;第四句:want 和 thank 之间插入 t;第四句:it 改为 them;第五句:happily 改为 happy;第五句:but 改为 and;第六句:which 改为 what;第六句:imprtances 改为 imprtance;第七句:inspiring 改为 inspired
9. 【答案】Ntice
An exhibitin f paintings themed "In Memry f My High Schl" is arund the crner. The wrks t be displayed are created by the schlmates and graduates f ur schl t hnr their high schl memries. It's time t learn abut different styles f wrks and shw ur gratitude. The exhibitin will be held in the schl hall frm this Thursday t Saturday. It is pen frm 8 am t 5 pm. Please visit as scheduled. Thursday fr Senir 1, Friday fr Senir 2 and Saturday fr Senir 3. Please keep quiet and stay in rder during yur visit. And cmments are appreciated.
Schl Internatinal Office
June 10th, 2020

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